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Dream Interpretation - Can You Translate Dreams Without Keeping a Dream Journal?

You can translate dreams without keeping a dream journal when you master the dream language. However, in the beginning you must write down all your dreams so that you may remember all their details, and so that you may compare one dream to another.

The same happens when you are studying a foreign language. In the beginning you have to consult the dictionary all the time. You have to write down many important words and sentences, and study various other details. However, with time you are able to immediately understand the meaning of this language.

When you'll master the dream language, you'll immediately understand the meaning of all dreams. You'll also be able to immediately understand the symbolism contained in your daily reality. This symbolism gives you information about hidden truths. You will be able to translate the symbols contained in your daily reality the same way you translate dreams. This means that you'll acquire a third eye. You'll see what exists behind the apparent reality. You'll be able to see all the lies hidden by everyone's hypocrisy. This vision will protect you from all dangers.

Everything in our world and in our psyche is related to many other aspects. This organization is necessary because we need protection. Unfortunately, we inherit an absurd content in the wild side of our conscience, the anti-conscience, which generates mental illnesses within our human conscience. The divine unconscious mind that produces our dreams sends us many important messages in a symbolic form in order to protect our sanity.

We also need protection because everyone in our world is influenced by their anti-conscience, which is a true demon. This is why the mental illnesses it generates lead the human being to terror. We never know how much everyone is influenced by their evil anti-conscience.

You have to study the meaning of the dream language in order to understand the unconscious messages. This is how you'll be able to detect everyone's evilness behind their hypocritical mask.

If your conscience could understand the dream language without studies, your anti-conscience would understand it too, and you wouldn't have any protection against the anti-conscience's attacks. The anti-conscience is constantly trying to destroy your human conscience in order to control your behavior instead of being tamed by your sensibility and sensitivity. Your dreams are a secret way through which your unconscious protector sends you important warnings without being understood by your enemy, the terrible anti-conscience that wants to control your behavior.

I greatly simplified the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung, which is the only correct one. Now, you simple translate dream images into words.

For example, if you'll see in a dream that you are talking with your mother, when suddenly a dog approaches you both, this means that you are being influenced by your anti-conscience, which is represented by your mother. Because you are influenced by your absurd anti-conscience, you accept infidelity, which is represented by the dog.

Now, you have to think about what is happening with you in your daily life.

You are a young woman, and you have a boyfriend. However, you met a handsome man at a friend's house, and you keep thinking about him. Even though you know that you are not supposed to care about other men, and even though you understand that something could happen between you and this man if you'd approach him, you pretend that you don't understand your moral mistake. You want to meet him again.

This attitude explains your mother's presence in your dream. You are being superficial because you are being influenced by your anti-conscience. As you accept the anti-conscience's influence, you come closer to accepting infidelity. This fact justifies the appearance of the dog in the dream.

Dreams are warnings. They show you truths that you cannot see, or truths that you neglect.

Now, you have to analyze your next dreams, so that you may understand the unconscious guidance. In the first dream, the unconscious mind showed you a danger that you were disregarding. In your next dreams, the unconscious mind will show you how to solve your problems.

You must find out if you really love your boyfriend. Since your dream shows you that you are being influenced by your anti-conscience, this means that the attraction you feel for this handsome man is provoked by your anti-conscience; it is not real.

The anti-conscience wants to destroy your conscience. This is why it makes you do what generates despair. This is how it will manage to destroy your human conscience through craziness. In your despair, you'll accept its absurd suggestions and do something terrible, completely losing your mind. You may betray your boyfriend and regret very much having abandoned him. You have to be very careful when you are with your mother in dreams.

If you won't write down your dreams in a dream journal, you won't be able to follow the unconscious guidance. The unconscious mind provides you with detailed psychotherapy in the dream messages.

Later you'll become an expert. You won't need to write down any dream in order to understand its meaning. This practice will also improve your memory. You'll remember all your dreams and all their details. You'll also relate one dream to another without depending on a dream journal. Most importantly, you'll acquire sound mental health that lasts forever. You'll also help everyone around you with this knowledge.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.
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