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Understanding Recurring Dreams

Recurring dreams are collection of images and sounds that repeatedly occur in our sleep, rhetoric dreams with the same events of small variation or changes. It is not always the same, but the composition and settings remains the same. Sometimes they often include circumstances from the dreamer's accumulated knowledge or skills, and may take the form of a nightmare, but it is not always like that. A recurring nightmares stay with the dreamer for many years. Up to 70% of women experience recurring dreams, while only 65% of men experience this. Human psychology and dreams are greatly related to each other. Studies show that during an average lifespan, a human spends around two hours every night in dreaming. If we spend two hours every night in dreaming, that is six years of dreaming in an average lifespan.

Recurring dreams: a voice from within

What will you do if you want to create great emphasis on a certain matter? We tend to repeat them. The need for repetition in nightmares can signify important issue in your life. The need to understanding your rhetoric nightmares may lead you to self-realization and self improvements. Things that are unexplainable and incontestable need not to be negative aspects of our life; they can serve great advantages in our endeavor. Rhetoric nightmares may evolve very slowly, little variations at a time.

Why do we have rhetoric dreams?

Let us put it this way, your subconscious mind is showing you the right way to something. Oh please! Actually it has scientific basis, according to Sigmund Freud dreams are the means of one's expressions of his/her unconscious wishes, Dr. Freud who founded the discipline of psycho analysis said that nightmares allow the brain to take control over the emotions that are a result of undesirable experiences. Simply put, they are like nagging system that your mind uses. Nightmares are subconscious mind ways of communicating with the dreamer. Some theories claimed that dreams regarded one's inhibited feelings that are indulged in fantasies during sleep.

Rhetoric dreams can involve the following:

· Recurring dreams with the same person, need not be someone you know
· Certain place
· About your ex
· About your frustrations, let us say you want to overcome fear of flying
· Goal and ambitions

Repeated dreams tend to occur when you are...

Vulnerability to something, this may lead to recurring dreams. Once you have overcome this vulnerability; you'll reach a state of relaxation and these recurring dreams will stop, hopefully.

Do you want to know more about dreams?

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