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The Four Categories Of Astral Projection Stories

You will probably find countless stories of various astral projection and out-of-body experiences. Well at least you should people have been astral traveling whether on purpose or not for 5000 years since the ancient Egyptians. Every story you find will of course be different but I am here to tell you that every astral travel occurrence can be put into one of 4 groups.

I. The first kind of astral projection and one of the rarer types is when the astral projector successfully attempts to leave his physical body but when they do so they decide they want to keep the conscious inside of their physical body. So they only partially leave their physical body and have their astral watcher simply record what they see and give it back to the one who created it.

II. Probably the simplest report of OBE and often the most appealing to people who want to learn how to depart their body is reports of people who have astral projected on purpose and who put their conscious into their astral body.

III. The rarest reports of OBE (out-of-body experience) is when someone astral projects on accident but their consciousness was not inside the astral body. The reason why these are so rare is because people don't realize that they had accidentally had a OBE.

The astral body will wander aimlessly both on the material plane and in the astral planes and supply the person with random bits and pieces of information. The pieces will be difficult to put together and wont make much sense.

The most common time when someone experiences this form of OBE is when sleeping. At which point when they wake up they will feel tired. Feelings of Déjà vu are most commonly felt in places where your unguided astral body went to.

IV. The most common astral projection story to be found on the internet by far is the stories of people who accidentally left their body and had their consciousness in the astral body.

This simply means the person's consciousness, instead of remaining with the mundane shell or physical body, also travels with the astral body.

This form of OBE is most commonly experienced when one is under extreme trauma. Examples would be when people have near death experiences.

Another common time for people to astral project accidentally is while under surgery. So if you are having a surgery and then find yourself floating from you body. Don't worry your not dead you are just astral projecting.

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