Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Interesting Astral Projection Stories

Astral projection is traveling between this world and the outer world. If you have never had this experience in your life, the first stories you will hear about is like someone is reading fairytale stories to you. As oppose to the astral traveller - it is their nature now.

There are many Astral Projection Stories which people who even never heard of astral tend to believe what they have been told. That is true as most people read or heard about such experiences in the holy books. All this tells that it has been existing for many years. The roots of these stories come from ancient Egypt and China. Where at the times the power of astral was used by the ruling elite to control the masses.

People who just had astral projection meditation describe it as out-of-body experience. Like it could just been a dream or hallucination. What they saw is how their spirits went out of their physical body and then the spirits lifted the body up on its feet. Then they visited places they can't believe they had gone to. A mind blowing journey to the outer world. Astral is what many people talk about the Nirvana.

There are people telling stories how they got cured from death threatening disease after astral projection. This is true as all astral does is using the mind power, the strong believe of the spirits within the mind. According to astral the mind can live without the body but the body is nothing without the spirits. With astral projection there are no borders between the outer world and the tangible life.

You have heard of Deja Vu for sure. What Deja Vu is the aftermath of astral projection. People who have flashes in front of their eye when they go to a place they know they had never visited before. All this sounds a little too much but astral is for real. Astral is nature and nature is what we live into. We do not control nature but nature is within us. The power of spirit to make things happen is proven to be right.

There are people having dreams about something good or bad that is going to happen to some of their friends or relatives. Astral is in your dreams for sure, you just never thought of such power existing. You can't use astral for your own good, bad or to harm someone else. At the same time you can use astral to help others. Experiencing astral projection it provides a great insight that people and objects that exist on other realms are in fact as genuine as we experience any object or person on our earth.

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