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Facing Mass Extinction - Global Biodiversity Is Threatened

Beyond the Last Ice Age - Global Good Times for our Species

Temperatures on planet Earth have been relatively stable for the last 10,000 years or so. During this time human civilization has flourished. For ninety percent of our species time on this planet, we have lived nomadic lives, small groups moving to find food and water. Sedentary farming, the formation of permanent communities were only possible once climatic conditions permitted regular rainfall, and appropriate growing conditions for food crops and the raising of livestock. It may be difficult to grasp this point, especially when a hurricane (Irene) is threatening to sweep up the eastern seaboard of the United States and parts of East Africa are experiencing the worst period of drought for the last twenty years or so, but when we view climate trends using the geological time scale it can be concluded that we are living in the most benign and settled global climate that the Earth has experienced for the last 250,000 years. Ten thousand years ago, a cold glacial period (our planets most recent Ice Age) came to an end, between then and now our species H. sapiens has prospered almost unlike any other type of mega fauna in the long history of terrestrial life. From just a few million ten thousand years ago our population has increased over the last hundred years at an astonishing rate. By 1970, the United Nations estimated that there were as many as four billion people living on planet Earth, this year (2011) statistics that provide an estimation of human population put the figure close to seven billion. Some scientists have postulated that by 2030 the human population could reach nine billion. Perhaps Thomas Malthus had a point.

Earth's Amazing Biodiversity

A team of international scientists have been trying to calculate just how rich and diverse life on planet Earth really is. Calculating the total number of species alive today is important; without this knowledge scientists would be unable to accurately measure the decline in biodiversity as a result of climate change and other factors. Research has shown that humans as a species are having a considerable global impact. The greenhouse effect has been well documented, our influence on climate has grown dramatically ever since the Industrial Revolution and our burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas does not seem likely to diminish given the expected rate of human population growth. The destruction of habitat, the amount of waste we produce, the conversion of wild areas over to farming - all are having an impact on other organisms that share our world. Unfortunately, our true impact is difficult to measure unless scientists can calculate with a degree of accuracy how many species share the world with us at the moment.

The research team, included scientists from Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia), Microsoft Research, the Department of Geography at the University of Hawaii and the United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre based in eastern England. They have published a report on their research estimating that at present there are approximately 8.7 million species on planet Earth, plus or minus 1.3 million, a margin of error for their extremely complicated calculations. The margin of error may seem quite large, however, this has to be expected as when viewed in context we simply have not studied in detail a great many of the species on our planet, or indeed explored much of the habitats where organisms live. For example, we know more about our moon than we do about the abyssal plain that covers a significant proportion of the bottom of the world's oceans.

Putting 8.7 million species (+/- 1.3 million) into Perspective

Previous estimates regarding Earth's biodiversity have varied widely. In the mid 1970s it was estimated that there were around one million species of insects on planet Earth, we know now that this seriously underestimates insect biodiversity. Other estimates for the total number of species have put the figure at around 100 million, when considered alongside this new research these figures look like a little excessive. The truth is no one is really sure, there is a background extinction rate and new species are evolving all the time. However, this new research, utilising an analysis of known aspects of Linnaean hierarchy, at least provides a starting point for our assessment on the impact of our species on the rest of life on Earth.

A point worth making is that the international team did not set out to assess all life on our planet. Their analysis only covers what is termed those organisms that fit into the domain known as Eukarya. Eukarya are organisms that have a membrane bound cell nucleus. In effect, the scientists have assessed the total number of plants, animals and fungi on our planet. The calculations do not include those organisms that first evolved, hundreds of millions of years before the first Eukaryotes - bacteria and those organisms that are classified in the domain known as the Archaea.

The Sixth Mass Extinction Event - It is All Around Us

One of the intriguing aspects of this new research, is that it used the hierarchical classification of organisms first proposed by the 18th Century Swedish physician Carolus Linnaeus to calculate the total number of species. In simple terms, the international team of scientists looked at the known members of the Linnaean Hierarchy from the Eukarya Domain right down to species level and used statistical analysis to fill in the gaps to produce their final figures. Their study reveals that some 86% of all terrestrial species and approximately 91% of all marine species await formal scientific description.

Being unsure as to how many species we share planet Earth with has a number of consequences. One of these consequences is that if we don't know what we are starting with it is very difficult to calculate current extinction rates. One of the authors of this new study, published in an online scientific journal commented that the recently updated Red List issued by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature assessed 59,508 species, of which 19,625 are classified as threatened. This means the Red List, the most sophisticated continuous analysis of extinction rates, monitors less than 1% of world species.

Palaeontologists studying the fossil record are aware that the history of life on our planet has experienced a number of "booms" and "busts", mass extinction events alongside a background level of extinctions and a gradual level of new species origination. During the entire Phanerozoic Eon, the period of visible life that extends from approximately 545 million years ago to the present there have been five major mass extinction events. The most famous of these is the Cretaceous mass extinction that occurred around sixty-five million years ago and resulted in the demise of the dinosaurs. With this new assessment of the biodiversity of Earth scientists can use this information as the basis upon which to establish current extinction events. Here is the bad news, many biologists now believe that at this time we are living through a sixth mass extinction event, with as many as three species an hour going extinct. That is 26,280 species dying out every year. What is worse the rate of species destruction seems to be increasing, certainly over the last forty years or so.

The causes for this extinction, whether human influenced or not, are not going to matter in the long-term. Those organisms at the top of the food chain, apex predators such as ourselves for example tend to be the most vulnerable. We primates had better enjoy ourselves whilst we can as we may not be around much longer.

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The Origins of the Ouija Board

Throughout history man has been obsessed with his mortality, fascinated by what lies beyond this life. The ouija board is probably the most famous tool used for communication with the dead, and it seems to have been around for centuries. In China there are records dating from 1,200 BC, claiming ouija instruments were frequently used in written communications with the dead, while 13th century Mongols were said to use a table and "rapping noises" for the same purpose. In 540 BC the Greek philosopher Pythagoras and his sect held frequent séances or circles at which 'a mystic table, moving on wheels, moved towards signs. Pythagoras and his pupil supposedly interpreted the board's actions to the audience, describing them as revelations from the unseen world. The results were compiled into an "Apocrypha" (meaning "those having been hidden away - a book of uncertain authorship.

Today's ouija board was designed in Baltimore in 1892 by Elija J Bond and William Fuld, when the boards became popular for use in "parlour games". It's a refined version of one invented in 1853 by French spiritualist Monsieur Planchette. The earlier board was a large piece of paper with a two wheeled heartshaped wedge which had a pencil attached to one end. Today's board is inscribed with numbers and letters, and the wedge is now called a "planchette".

The layout of the ouija board varies slightly from country to country. The original and most popular layout places the "yes" at the top of the circle and the "no" at the bottom. The letters are placed in a circle starting with the letter A next to the word yes and continuing around until the letter Z ends up on the other side of the word "yes". The ten numbers from one to zero are placed at the bottom next to the "no". The ouija board usually requires a minimum of two people to operate it. It is very rare that one person has the power to operate the board.

ouija boards have become an iconic part of culture, and have featured in a number of books and films. Their roles vary from being a benign object to an evil entity. A more peculiar role of talking boards in literature stems from authors using the board to channel written works from the deceased:

~ Pearl Curren held public séances, and claimed her ouija board allowed her to communicate with the spirit of Patience Worth, resulting in Curren publishing a number of poems and prose.

~ Sylvia Plath's poem "Dialogue over a Ouija Board" incorporates the text of one of the sessions she held with her husband using a ouija board.

~ Emily Hutchings claimed in 1917 she had communicated with Mark Twain, who dictated a book she wrote through the ouija board. Twain's descendents halted publication of the book through the courts, which was later said to be so badly written it could not have been written by Twain - dead or alive.

~ James Merrill used messages he claimed he obtained from various deceased people while using a ouija board in his poetry "The Changing Light at Sandover".

~ John Fuller worked with a spirit medium while researching his book "The Ghost of Flight 401", which was about a flight which crashed into the Everglades en route to Miami. They claim they contacted the flight engineer through the board, and the information obtained was not known to either him or the medium.

~ Writer GK Chesterton used a ouija board to try and break a period of skepticism and depression. His experiments with the item launched his interest in the occult.

~ Bill Wilson, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous used a ouija board to contact spirits. His wife claimed he would receive messages directly without using the board. For a while, his participation in AA was deeply affected by his involvement with the ouija board. Wilson claimed he received the twelve step method directly from a spirit without the board and wrote it down.

Although ouija boards are considered harmless toys to many people they are a force for evil, opening a door for demons and other malevolent entities to enter our world and create havoc or even destroy a person. The very thought of the potential power of a ouija board is thought to have a very negative effect upon a fragile mind. And that thought alone should be enough to warn us of their power - benign or otherwise.

The writer was born in Africa, and lived there for the first 38 years of her life. She worked in the world of public relations for over five years, running her own PR company and dealing extensively with the world of journalism and the print media. She is an author on http://www.Writing.Com/, a site for Writers. Her blog can be visited at: http://www.writing.com/authors/zwisis/blog

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When Dreams Become Nightmares - What Nightmares Are And How To Deal With Them

Nightmares, like other dreams, occur most often during REM sleep (though we dream throughout the entire sleep cycle). Unlike other dreams, however, nightmares usually cause dreamers to wake up.

If you don't wake up, is it still a nightmare? Well, not technically. You might just want to call it a bad dream.

Nightmares are most often characterized by the following symptoms:

~ a sense of dream dread or fear that may stay with you for hours or even days

~ The physical paralysis, called atonia, that signifies REM sleep (as opposed to the physical arousal common in night terrors), but perhaps with more eye movements than usual and slightly elevated pulse and respiration rates.

~ The ability to vividly recall all or part of a frightening dream story.

~ The dreamer usually finds him or herself being threatened or harmed in some way

~ A recognition of personal dream themes, or a repetition of the dream itself for months, years, or even decades.

The main feature of a nightmare is that it's scary. It's often long, intricately detailed, and among the easiest of our dreams to remember. Nightmares aren't considered a sleep disorder, as night terrors are unless they become recurring nightmares. Frequent occurrence of nightmares becomes a disorder when it impairs social, occupational and other important areas of functioning. At this point, it may be referred to as Nightmare Disorder (formerly Dream Anxiety Disorder) or "repeated nightmares." "Repeated nightmares" is defined more specifically as a series of nightmares with a recurring theme that disturb the dreamer's sleep on a regular basis. It's interesting to note that while people with night terrors exhibit frightening physical symptoms such as screaming or kicking, and are inconsolable during an episode, they don't remember anything later if they're allowed to settle back into sleep.

Nightmares, however, are a different story. The dream content of nightmares has much to reveal to us, if we're courageous enough to take a closer look at what's scaring us. Though it's hard to believe, nightmares can be very beneficial. Often they will point out what we're really afraid of, rather than what we think or what we admit (even to ourselves) we're afraid of.

Some factors that seem to contribute to nightmare frequency are: illness (especially fever), stress (caused by situations like the difficulties of adolescence, moving, hard times at school or work), troubled relationships and traumatic events, like being mugged or experiencing a serious earthquake. Traumatic events can trigger a long lasting series of recurrent nightmares.

Post-traumatic stress nightmares (PSNs) are different from your average run-of-the-mill nightmare in that they're usually experienced by people who've lived through a traumatic event, and the dream content and story will closely resemble the event. So there's very little disguised imagery. Robert Van de Castle points out that the dream is recurrent with little alteration from time to time, except that elements from the dreamer's current environment may gradually be incorporated into the prescribed dream plot.

One psychological theory holds that post-traumatic dreams are the body and mind's joint way of replaying the event in an attempt to master it within the "safe" context of the sleeping body and dreaming mind, where the event can be re-experienced without harm. Eventually the anxiety and stress associated with the traumatic event diminishes as the dreamer regains control and confidence in waking life.

It's also important to recognize that such things as a messy and vicious divorce can be experienced as trauma, especially by children. Although we may not have been prisoners of war, or survived a plane crash, there are still quite a few events in our everyday lives that qualify as traumatic.

The more standard scary dream (and what most of us consider a nightmare), usually consists of frightening images and symbols relating to work, school, or relationships, and are often stress or anxiety induced. The threat here isn't necessarily to one's life, but to one's sense of self and self-confidence. We awake from these kinds of dreams with our hearts pounding, perspiring profusely and often crying or screaming. These kinds of nightmares tend to be the ones that we're relieved to realize "was only a dream!

In my experience, the most common types of nightmares are ones of either being chased or ones of being hunted down. One explanation: Being chased or stalked as prey are primal memories from our human collective unconscious, and they refer to primitive times when our ancestors were chased by wild animals. Back then, being caught meant certain death. Another possibility is that we feel unable to escape a situation that we feel we have no control over.

I've found, time and time again, that nightmares are our unconscious mind's way of getting our attention. If we don't pay attention to our dreams, or we haven't figured out the messages in past dreams, we'll get one heck of a nightmare that forces us to pay attention, and more often than not, force us to make the effort to understand what on earth that dream (nightmare) meant.

For more information on nightmares and how to deal with them, click here.

Dream Well,

Terry Gillis

About The Author, Terry L. Gillis:

I have been researching and studying dreams for over 2 decades. What I have concluded is that dreams prepare us for what's ahead. By paying attention to our dreams and understanding their messages, we can decide on the best course of action to take to create the life we want.

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Understanding Recurring Dreams

Recurring dreams are collection of images and sounds that repeatedly occur in our sleep, rhetoric dreams with the same events of small variation or changes. It is not always the same, but the composition and settings remains the same. Sometimes they often include circumstances from the dreamer's accumulated knowledge or skills, and may take the form of a nightmare, but it is not always like that. A recurring nightmares stay with the dreamer for many years. Up to 70% of women experience recurring dreams, while only 65% of men experience this. Human psychology and dreams are greatly related to each other. Studies show that during an average lifespan, a human spends around two hours every night in dreaming. If we spend two hours every night in dreaming, that is six years of dreaming in an average lifespan.

Recurring dreams: a voice from within

What will you do if you want to create great emphasis on a certain matter? We tend to repeat them. The need for repetition in nightmares can signify important issue in your life. The need to understanding your rhetoric nightmares may lead you to self-realization and self improvements. Things that are unexplainable and incontestable need not to be negative aspects of our life; they can serve great advantages in our endeavor. Rhetoric nightmares may evolve very slowly, little variations at a time.

Why do we have rhetoric dreams?

Let us put it this way, your subconscious mind is showing you the right way to something. Oh please! Actually it has scientific basis, according to Sigmund Freud dreams are the means of one's expressions of his/her unconscious wishes, Dr. Freud who founded the discipline of psycho analysis said that nightmares allow the brain to take control over the emotions that are a result of undesirable experiences. Simply put, they are like nagging system that your mind uses. Nightmares are subconscious mind ways of communicating with the dreamer. Some theories claimed that dreams regarded one's inhibited feelings that are indulged in fantasies during sleep.

Rhetoric dreams can involve the following:

· Recurring dreams with the same person, need not be someone you know
· Certain place
· About your ex
· About your frustrations, let us say you want to overcome fear of flying
· Goal and ambitions

Repeated dreams tend to occur when you are...

Vulnerability to something, this may lead to recurring dreams. Once you have overcome this vulnerability; you'll reach a state of relaxation and these recurring dreams will stop, hopefully.

Do you want to know more about dreams?

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The Mayan Calendar About 2012 Predictions and the Survival Plan

The Mayan calendar through the long count, and according to most astronomers, scientists and researchers is one of the first sources of predictions concerning the so called the end of the world in December 21, 2012. It has been also predicted by numerous prophecies as the End Date.

In this article you will discover the bare truth, the information you and your family need to know about The Mayan calendar and the end of time and the survival plans so as not to be scared, but well prepared for the after 2012.

What is the Mayan Calendar - The long Count and how is it related to 2012?

The Mayan Calendar, or as so often called the Aztec Calendar, is recorded as a carving on the Aztec "sun stone," It is more complex than the Gregorian Calendar we adopt, it's actually three calendars in one: the Religious Calendar, the Solar Calendar and the Long Count Calendar.

In fact, in relation to 2012, there are two major factors to examine: the long Count and the End of the Great Cycle. According to experts, the Long count or more importantly the end of this long count is based on:

  • Eight (8) bakatuns
  • Three (3) katuns
  • Two (2) tuns
  • Ten (10) uinals
  • Fifteen (15) days

They assume that the end of this long Count will see the end of what is known as the Great Cycle. This time period coincides with December 21, 2012.

The Great Cycle, on the other hand, is based on the premise that the Mayan life cycle ends in December 2010. Some Mayan archeologists say that there are writings that refer to the descent of a Maya God Hunab Ku at that time period. In short, the end of this long Count and the End of the Great Cycle come to indicate December 21, 2012 as the end. Is it the end of the Mayan Calendar or the end of the world?

Based on factual evidences, by 2012, there will be a big change in life on earth; an Apocalyptic event that will take life as we know it to a second level.

Are we going to be prepared or scared from 2012?

The first point that comes to mind when we talk about survival, is the place to hide from the 2012 "Apocalypse".

It's believed that mountains will be the only safe places should 2012 Apocalypse occur. With all the possibilities it's impossible to say where for sure, but it's believed that mountainous areas and the highlands will have the best chances. Highlands would be safe if it were not for the nuclear fallout which would likely occur.

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The Four Categories Of Astral Projection Stories

You will probably find countless stories of various astral projection and out-of-body experiences. Well at least you should people have been astral traveling whether on purpose or not for 5000 years since the ancient Egyptians. Every story you find will of course be different but I am here to tell you that every astral travel occurrence can be put into one of 4 groups.

I. The first kind of astral projection and one of the rarer types is when the astral projector successfully attempts to leave his physical body but when they do so they decide they want to keep the conscious inside of their physical body. So they only partially leave their physical body and have their astral watcher simply record what they see and give it back to the one who created it.

II. Probably the simplest report of OBE and often the most appealing to people who want to learn how to depart their body is reports of people who have astral projected on purpose and who put their conscious into their astral body.

III. The rarest reports of OBE (out-of-body experience) is when someone astral projects on accident but their consciousness was not inside the astral body. The reason why these are so rare is because people don't realize that they had accidentally had a OBE.

The astral body will wander aimlessly both on the material plane and in the astral planes and supply the person with random bits and pieces of information. The pieces will be difficult to put together and wont make much sense.

The most common time when someone experiences this form of OBE is when sleeping. At which point when they wake up they will feel tired. Feelings of Déjà vu are most commonly felt in places where your unguided astral body went to.

IV. The most common astral projection story to be found on the internet by far is the stories of people who accidentally left their body and had their consciousness in the astral body.

This simply means the person's consciousness, instead of remaining with the mundane shell or physical body, also travels with the astral body.

This form of OBE is most commonly experienced when one is under extreme trauma. Examples would be when people have near death experiences.

Another common time for people to astral project accidentally is while under surgery. So if you are having a surgery and then find yourself floating from you body. Don't worry your not dead you are just astral projecting.

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Astral Projection Stories That Are Out Of This World

One of the best places you can start when investigating astral travel is to check out astral projection stories. Before wanting to spring out there and begin your first voyage, it's a good idea to see what people are experiencing. As you can imagine, people can have a varying array of experiences. Nevertheless, when the universe of astral projection stories are viewed as a whole, there are indeed some common places of overlap. In fact, there are five typical themes that play out often.

The first trend you'll detect across all astral projection stories is the way people report the basic out-of-body experience, by which they see themselves from another point of view. People talk about levitating above themselves. It's as though people are seeing themselves through the eyes of another. It's best to just hear some astral projection stories.

In fact, one piano player talked about how he saw himself looking down while he was playing piano at church, so he was able to enjoy himself as a spectator! What's really wild is that he repots how he was not able to even know what he was going to do next, so it really was as though he was someone else. Still another person explains how they realized 26 years later that they had experienced astral travel when they were 6 years old going through surgery. He comprehends that he was awake during the surgery watching the whole operation.

Second, when assessing astral projection stories, the seemingly most common experience is the report that people are flying. People have a feeling of weightlessness. The "anti-gravity" experience, also described as levitating, is reported by most as pleasurable. One of the astral projection stories most interesting was the man who said he felt like he was a vapor, and he talked about floating around watching himself sleep.

A third common thread in astral projection stories is when people report being able to visit with family and friends that have since passed on. Obviously, many people want to be able to see people they cared about again. And sometimes this is actually a motivation for pursuing astral travel. Interestingly, keep in mind that since it is your astral self reuniting with them, it is actually their astral body as well. I'm not sure that that makes a lot of difference, but it's a revelation worth bearing in mind and people tend to react to that reality in different ways.

The fourth commonality is astral projection stories is how people talk about being able to physically do things they previously could not. A typical example has to do with people simply walking through doors. People talk about going straight through walls. Related to this is the way that sick people become well. In other words, blind people talk about being able to see. Crippled people talk about being able to walk.

The last common thread among the astral projection stories is how people recount visiting places they've never been before, or even seen. This isn't so much about going somewhere, like the Ukraine, that you've never been on vacation to. Rather, while that could be the case, it's also sometimes simply some place that you do not even recognize. And, you might even have some vague feeling that you've been there before. It's not so much that they have been there before in the natural, but maybe in previous astral travel.

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Interesting Astral Projection Stories

Astral projection is traveling between this world and the outer world. If you have never had this experience in your life, the first stories you will hear about is like someone is reading fairytale stories to you. As oppose to the astral traveller - it is their nature now.

There are many Astral Projection Stories which people who even never heard of astral tend to believe what they have been told. That is true as most people read or heard about such experiences in the holy books. All this tells that it has been existing for many years. The roots of these stories come from ancient Egypt and China. Where at the times the power of astral was used by the ruling elite to control the masses.

People who just had astral projection meditation describe it as out-of-body experience. Like it could just been a dream or hallucination. What they saw is how their spirits went out of their physical body and then the spirits lifted the body up on its feet. Then they visited places they can't believe they had gone to. A mind blowing journey to the outer world. Astral is what many people talk about the Nirvana.

There are people telling stories how they got cured from death threatening disease after astral projection. This is true as all astral does is using the mind power, the strong believe of the spirits within the mind. According to astral the mind can live without the body but the body is nothing without the spirits. With astral projection there are no borders between the outer world and the tangible life.

You have heard of Deja Vu for sure. What Deja Vu is the aftermath of astral projection. People who have flashes in front of their eye when they go to a place they know they had never visited before. All this sounds a little too much but astral is for real. Astral is nature and nature is what we live into. We do not control nature but nature is within us. The power of spirit to make things happen is proven to be right.

There are people having dreams about something good or bad that is going to happen to some of their friends or relatives. Astral is in your dreams for sure, you just never thought of such power existing. You can't use astral for your own good, bad or to harm someone else. At the same time you can use astral to help others. Experiencing astral projection it provides a great insight that people and objects that exist on other realms are in fact as genuine as we experience any object or person on our earth.

Nancy De Coolman is an Astral Projection expert. For more information on Astral Projection Stories, visit http://www.astralprojectionebook.com

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The Meaning of Dreams - Advanced Dream Interpretation and the Immediate Translation of Dream Symbols

The scientific method of dream interpretation is based on the discoveries of the psychiatrist Carl Jung, which have been confirmed by scientific discoveries made in many different fields after his death.

Continuing Jung's research, I myself made important discoveries too, since I discovered the wild side of the human conscience, that he could not see.

The knowledge that the scientific method gives you today is very clear, exactly because I give you a total vision, shedding light on everything. This vision helps you immediately understand the meaning of all your dreams, and the unconscious' guidance contained in the dream messages - the most important of all.

The dream language is only a bridge. You have to learn it well so that you may have a communication with your natural doctor, the unconscious mind, and save your mental health from the attacks of the wild side of your conscience, that doesn't want to be human: it wants to be only a violent animal. Therefore you, the human part of your conscience, must transform it into a positive part of your human side.

This can be done through dream translation, since the unconscious mind shows you in dreams how to develop your intelligence.

The most common dream symbols will guide you, and show you directly the general meaning of any dream.

The snake, the spider, the sun, the bird, the key, other people, the sea, the mountains and many other known dream symbols will show you from the beginning the general intention of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams.

The snake is a painful situation that will correct a mistake that the dreamer is making, the spider a hidden danger that will bring him or her many problems in the future if they don't act fast and do something that cannot be postponed.

The sun represents the light of truth, the bird represents news that will change their life, the key is the solution they have found, other people are parts of the dreamer's personality, the sea represents the hidden craziness in the primitive side of their conscience, and a mountain is a challenge that the dreamer must accept.

When you are used to the dream symbols, you can immediately translate all dreams based on this knowledge, and then translate other details, based on the dreamer's life biography.

This is advanced dream interpretation, transformed into an instant dream translation from images into words, after very long research, and the discovery of the meaning of many dream symbols that Carl Jung ignored, even though he discovered the right code for a perfect dream translation.

Today you can learn how to translate the meaning of your dreams the same way you learn any foreign language, and simply start receiving all the benefits you can have thanks to this superior font of knowledge.

Thanks to my simplification, you immediately understand everything you need to, immediately solving all problems.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.
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How to Solve Your Problems With the Help of the Unconscious Messages in Your Dreams

All dream images and scenes have a symbolic meaning based on the dream language. This means that your dreams are not disorganized or absurd. They contain logical messages. However, the dream logic is not the same logic of your conscious mind, which is ignorant. The dream logic is based on the unconscious wisdom and sanctity.

You have to learn the meaning given by the unconscious mind to the dream symbols if you want to understand its words.

When you learn how to translate the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method, you learn how to have a direct communication with the wise unconscious mind.

This means that you have the opportunity to ask the unconscious mind questions which will be answered in your dreams, through the messages you will receive.

The wise unconscious mind is not impatient like human beings, and this is why it gives you many detailed explanations. It repeats the same explanations in different ways so that you may completely understand its messages. It answers the same question many times, showing you the same problem and all its possible solutions through many different angles.

The unconscious mind is your doctor and teacher. It helps you acquire perfect mental health and gives you the ability to keep it forever. It also shows you everything you desire to learn.

You don't receive immediate solutions, but clues that help you find the truth by yourself. Your own intelligence must be developed so that you may be totally independent and able to find solutions to your own problems.

The unconscious mind is a very patient teacher and a very sensitive doctor. It waits until you are ready to understand before it begins to direct or show you what you need to know. The unconscious mind shows you how to look for the truth and where you can find it.

This means that once you learn the dream language you have the best help you could ever have in any situation. You'll be able to successfully solve all problems with the help of the unconscious guidance.

Each time you have a dream warning, you'll know that you have to be careful or change your plans. Each time you'll see a positive dream symbol you'll know that you are on the right path and soon you'll find what you are looking for.

Dream symbols that indicate danger will prevent you from making serious mistakes. Dreams that give you clear and objective information about the person you love will help you avoid relationships with the wrong people. These dreams will also help you find your perfect match and true happiness in life.

Dream predictions will be your best protection against all dangers, since you'll see in your own dreams what will happen in the future beforehand. This way you'll know what to do in order to be successful. This knowledge will easily enable you to achieve even the most difficult goals.

You only have to study the dream language for a while in order to have the unconscious support in all matters. I simplified the method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung, transforming it into a very simple method of fast translation that you'll easily learn.

Start keeping a dream journal and a diary. You'll soon become very excited with all the advantages that dream interpretation according to the scientific method will give you in all fields of your life.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.
Learn more at: http://www.scientificdreaminterpretation.com

Click Here to download a Free Sample of the eBook Dream Interpretation as a Science (86 pages!).

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Dream Interpretation - Can You Translate Dreams Without Keeping a Dream Journal?

You can translate dreams without keeping a dream journal when you master the dream language. However, in the beginning you must write down all your dreams so that you may remember all their details, and so that you may compare one dream to another.

The same happens when you are studying a foreign language. In the beginning you have to consult the dictionary all the time. You have to write down many important words and sentences, and study various other details. However, with time you are able to immediately understand the meaning of this language.

When you'll master the dream language, you'll immediately understand the meaning of all dreams. You'll also be able to immediately understand the symbolism contained in your daily reality. This symbolism gives you information about hidden truths. You will be able to translate the symbols contained in your daily reality the same way you translate dreams. This means that you'll acquire a third eye. You'll see what exists behind the apparent reality. You'll be able to see all the lies hidden by everyone's hypocrisy. This vision will protect you from all dangers.

Everything in our world and in our psyche is related to many other aspects. This organization is necessary because we need protection. Unfortunately, we inherit an absurd content in the wild side of our conscience, the anti-conscience, which generates mental illnesses within our human conscience. The divine unconscious mind that produces our dreams sends us many important messages in a symbolic form in order to protect our sanity.

We also need protection because everyone in our world is influenced by their anti-conscience, which is a true demon. This is why the mental illnesses it generates lead the human being to terror. We never know how much everyone is influenced by their evil anti-conscience.

You have to study the meaning of the dream language in order to understand the unconscious messages. This is how you'll be able to detect everyone's evilness behind their hypocritical mask.

If your conscience could understand the dream language without studies, your anti-conscience would understand it too, and you wouldn't have any protection against the anti-conscience's attacks. The anti-conscience is constantly trying to destroy your human conscience in order to control your behavior instead of being tamed by your sensibility and sensitivity. Your dreams are a secret way through which your unconscious protector sends you important warnings without being understood by your enemy, the terrible anti-conscience that wants to control your behavior.

I greatly simplified the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung, which is the only correct one. Now, you simple translate dream images into words.

For example, if you'll see in a dream that you are talking with your mother, when suddenly a dog approaches you both, this means that you are being influenced by your anti-conscience, which is represented by your mother. Because you are influenced by your absurd anti-conscience, you accept infidelity, which is represented by the dog.

Now, you have to think about what is happening with you in your daily life.

You are a young woman, and you have a boyfriend. However, you met a handsome man at a friend's house, and you keep thinking about him. Even though you know that you are not supposed to care about other men, and even though you understand that something could happen between you and this man if you'd approach him, you pretend that you don't understand your moral mistake. You want to meet him again.

This attitude explains your mother's presence in your dream. You are being superficial because you are being influenced by your anti-conscience. As you accept the anti-conscience's influence, you come closer to accepting infidelity. This fact justifies the appearance of the dog in the dream.

Dreams are warnings. They show you truths that you cannot see, or truths that you neglect.

Now, you have to analyze your next dreams, so that you may understand the unconscious guidance. In the first dream, the unconscious mind showed you a danger that you were disregarding. In your next dreams, the unconscious mind will show you how to solve your problems.

You must find out if you really love your boyfriend. Since your dream shows you that you are being influenced by your anti-conscience, this means that the attraction you feel for this handsome man is provoked by your anti-conscience; it is not real.

The anti-conscience wants to destroy your conscience. This is why it makes you do what generates despair. This is how it will manage to destroy your human conscience through craziness. In your despair, you'll accept its absurd suggestions and do something terrible, completely losing your mind. You may betray your boyfriend and regret very much having abandoned him. You have to be very careful when you are with your mother in dreams.

If you won't write down your dreams in a dream journal, you won't be able to follow the unconscious guidance. The unconscious mind provides you with detailed psychotherapy in the dream messages.

Later you'll become an expert. You won't need to write down any dream in order to understand its meaning. This practice will also improve your memory. You'll remember all your dreams and all their details. You'll also relate one dream to another without depending on a dream journal. Most importantly, you'll acquire sound mental health that lasts forever. You'll also help everyone around you with this knowledge.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.
Learn more at: http://www.scientificdreaminterpretation.com
Click Here to download a Free Sample of the eBook Dream Interpretation as a Science (86 pages!).

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What Are Dreams? Messages From A Spirit?

You are happily in slumber as images begin to flit across your mind's eye. A woman is sitting with you at a kitchen table with sun glinting through the windows. Suddenly, you realize that the person you are talking to in your dream is your deceased aunt or you notice that the windows are near the floor instead of higher up on the wall and they are misshapen. Ah, you begin to comprehend that you are dreaming. You may feel great emotion in seeing your aunt or you may become fearful or you may just think, "This is only a dream," and you wake up. You have experienced a lucid dream.

You are in an old building and rain is pouring down outside. You leave the building and begin walking down the road to a rundown shack nearby. You go inside and find a young man around eleven years old. He is a different race than you. You want to honor him and feel love and compassion for him. He is happy to see you and seems to look up to you almost as though he idolizes you. You wake up. As you write down notes about your dream you realize this entire dream was in black and white.

The above two examples are vastly different from one another, but the same person can easily have both of these dreams. In fact, it is quite possible for these two dreams to occur within the same night for the same person.

The whole concept of dreaming - lucidly or non-lucidly, prophetically or non-prophetically - can be quite fascinating for some people. Yet, for others they simply feel utterly confused or even frightened by their dreams. Many people do not even believe that they dream because, after all, they do not remember their dreams upon waking. Yet, it has been scientifically proven that as we move through the sleep cycle each night we all dream. We move through four stages of sleep. When we fall asleep we enter stage one, and though the brain is still quite active, it is becoming less active. As we progress to stage two through four our heart rates, breathing, and brain activity continually slow down. Stages three and four are called slow-wave sleep (SWS). In these stages the sensory organs are no longer sending constant input as they do when we are in waking consciousness; therefore, the brain waves show synchronization of many cells. After stage four we move back through stages three and two, then go into REM (rapid eye movement). The REM stage is the most likely period of sleep in which we will produce dreams or when our level of consciousness is able to open the doorway to dreams. Even though we all move through these stages of sleep, typically, and therefore we all dream, it is very common for us to not remember our dreams. Instead, as we wake up they may hang around the edges of our awareness briefly only to evaporate back into the ether.

Okay. Great. So, western science has proven that we all dream. And, it has shown that our physical bodies are connected to our dreams in some manner. What traditional science cannot discover or prove is where dreams come from, why we have them, or what they mean. This is because dreams come from the spiritual dimension. They may be mixed with daytime residue, but the daytime residue is likely only used as symbols within the dreams so that we may be able to relate more easily to the meaning of the dream while in our human form.

Dreams are messages from Spirit, from our Soul, from the Divine. They are meant to be explored, but they are not meant to cause us any undue stress. You can explore your dreams and work with your dreams on your own or with the help of a coach. Either way, dream work can open you to a vast amount of fascinating insights into yourself and your Soul.

Janelle Alex, M.Msc. is co-founder of Inward Oasis, http://www.inwardoasis.com, with her husband, Rob Alex. She is an International Media Host and offers Relationship Coaching, Sacred Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, and Dream Exploration. She holds degrees in psychology as well metaphysics. She is also certified in Reiki. Ms. Alex believes that a committed relationship can have a deep spiritual connection. She, along with her husband, help couples expand upon their relationship by accessing their combined energy and their spirituality as a couple as well as individuals.

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The Nazca Lines in Peru, An Imposing and Enigmatic Legacy

Situated along the coast of Peru, around 250 miles from Lima, the Nazca Lines encompass an area once occupied by an extremely developed society, which adopted advanced farming methods to allow for irrigation systems, improved crops and an expansion of farming land. The Nazca tribe were immensely skilled not only in agricultural techniques but also in art. They displayed outstanding skills in weaving, pottery, and architecture, however were sadly unable to ward off the vicious attacks of the Spanish conquest and were rapidly defeated. Undoubtedly the most resounding symbol of this ancient tribe is the Nazca Lines.

Although the purpose of these ground drawings has not been fully established many archaeologists ascribe religious significance to them as the lines are thought to have been attempt by the Nazca people to display their work to their gods in the sky. Another theory maintains that the lines had astronomical and cosmological purposes and that they were intended to act as a kind of observatory, to point to the places on the distant horizon where the sun and other celestial bodies rose or set.

An usual conclusion came to the fore in the 1950s when UFO sightings began to increase. Many people looked back to ancient symbols and artifacts as example of extraterrestrial activity, the Nazca Lines provided one of these examples. One writer suggested that the Lines were intended as signals to interplanetary visitors. While this theory is highly sceptical it displays the interest and mystery surrounding these elusive drawings.

The work involved in creating these lines was vast. Spanning an area of nearly 500 square km and with the largest figure approximately 270m, the Nazca tribesmen embarked on a huge and complex task.

Interestingly the enormity of the Nazca Lines took several years to be discovered. Many people walked along the geoglyphs unaware of the significance of what their feet were touching. While the lines made for unimpressive and meaningless scribbles at ground level, by plane the gigantic figures and lines could be fully realised.

While the Lines are one of the few surviving reminders of the ancient world many are unsure how much longer they will survive. Due to an increase in pollution and erosion in the area many fear that the Nazca Lines could be gradually erased.

The Nazca Lines in Peru serve as further reminder of the immense and powerful talent and skills of the ancient civilizations. The sheer scale of the drawings propels the Lines into awe´-inspiring magnificence. An unmissable experience, to view these Lines is truly to view the beauty of the world.

Peru History is one of the world's greatest when it comes to ancient civilizations. Their cultural, archaeological and unique heritage impress visitors from all over the world. The country is also known because it was the home of the Inca Empire

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What Are the Nazca Lines of Peru?

The Pampa Colorada is a Desert that is located 250 kilometers from Peru. There are some mysterious drawing on the land there called the Nazca lines. These lines are several centuries old and they can be viewed only from the air. If you look at them while walking on the ground, you can never make it out.

They are huge lines running across in patterns. There are more than three hundred lines among the Nazca lines that depict various geometric figures and shapes and even some animals and plants. These lines were made by an ancient Peruvian civilization known as Nazca and these people lived around 200 B.C. These figures would have been made by removing the stones and getting the lighter colored soil above so that the color of it could be exposed. However, it has been preserved so far because of the arid desert air.

However, what most people do not understand is why these Nazca lines were created and what purpose did they serve. Also, this is some kind of art that can be seen clearly and distinctly from the above. Therefore, you would be required to take a helicopter ride to see the actual art. Some people think that these lines were actually made to honor and pay tribute to the gods, who the Nazcans believed lived in the skies. There are still others who claim that the lines were drawn in order to identify the underground water sources.

A German mathematician who spent a lifetime studying these lines believed that these lines were some sort of sky calendar. Some scientists thought that these were locations of shrines of that time. These lines have also been associated with UFO and aliens and some people believed that they created these diagrams.

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Tiwanaku Alien and the Nazca Lines - Part 2

Quite a few Internet pages are dedicated to the Nazca Lines of Peru, and everywhere you see the same conclusion: the Nazca Lines are a great mystery or enigma. It makes me wonder if the people on this planet are lacking common sense, or else an aversion to any possibility of aliens is keeping them from seeing the obvious.

Simple observation of what you see on the desert floor in Peru is enough to determine why those lines were made. Dozens of figures of animals and the like, so large that they can only be viewed intact from the sky, were clearly made for a creature(s) in the sky who was intelligent enough to be attracted and entertained by those drawings. Dozens of arrow-head type pointers provide directional guidance, so this creature(s) was not only in the sky but also flying through the air. Lines that run straight for kilometers, up and down hills rather than around them, were clearly made to be followed by a creature(s) who could fly higher than the hills.

The purpose and motivation behind the Nazca Lines is not a mystery. Only a minimal understanding of the workings of the human mind is required to determine that the Nazca Lines were made to attract, entertain, and guide a creature(s) who could fly, who had eyes, and who was intelligent. Whether or not such a creature really existed, or was merely imagined by the people of Nazca, is another issue. And if such a creature existed, whether or not it was an alien is still another issue. Meanwhile, why they made those lines is no enigma at all.

It is my central contention that the Nazca Lines were made, specifically, to be viewed by the sky god of Tiwanaku. Tiwanaku (Tiahuanaco in Spanish) was a city in the Bolivian highlands that existed contemporaneously with the Nazca civilization of Peru. The Nazca plain lies around 600 kilometers to the northwest of Tiwanaku. For sure, Nazca was closer to the Wari (Huari in Spanish) empire than to Tiwanaku in the southeast, but the Tiwanaku empire is known to have expanded into Peru.

In Tiwanaku Alien and the Nazca Lines - Part 1, I noted that a drawing of the Tiwanaku sky god was found on Nazca pottery. With "astronaut's helmet" and numerous fish-head symbols found on both drawings, the drawings are close enough to conclude that the sky god of Tiwanaku and the sky god of Nazca were one and the same. Also in Part 1, I noted that the artists of Tiwanaku attached human heads to the aquatic creature to symbolize that it was intelligent, and that in Nazca we find a geoglyph (giant ground drawing) of a human head attached to the head of a fish.

Here, we will look at a few other items to reinforce the connection between Tiwanaku and Nazca:


There are reputed to be some one hundred drawings of spirals on the Nazca plain, of which the most memorable is perhaps the monkey's tail. Similar spiral drawings are also found in Tiwanaku. It is my contention that the sky god descended from the sky in a spiral motion.


Tiwanaku drawings of their sky god always depict it as having only four fingers. In Nazca, the blob geoglyph depicts one hand with four fingers and one hand with five fingers, likely symbolizing a bond of friendship between the sky god and the humans. Hands of four and five fingers, respectively, also appear in the monkey geoglyph.


The Nazca pottery drawing displays a loudspeaker attached to the sky god's hand-held instrument, likely symbolizing its communicative capabilities. Similar loudspeakers also appear in Tiwanaku drawings.


In Part 1, I discussed Tiwanaku drawings of the sky god's aquatic tri-pod tail. A similar drawing is found on a cliff facing the sea in Paracas, Peru, to the north of Nazca. Known as the Candelabra geoglyph, it can be seen from many kilometers out at sea.

My investigations have led me to conclude that the sky god had direct contact with the Andeans in Tiwanaku, Bolivia, and also in the Cuzco region of Peru, but not in Nazca. Therefore, the people of Nazca may have never seen him directly, making the geoglyphs merely out of drawings and hearsay coming to them from the mountains. However, whoever made the Candalabra geoglyph, saw the sky god directly. My current theory on this is that the people of Cuzco (Wari empire) believed the aquatic sky god lived in the sea, from where it emerged to go into flight. Hence, they sent an expedition to the sea, making the geoglyph of the sky god's tail in hopes of luring it back out of the sea.

Establishing a connection between Nazca and the Tiwanaku sky god is not alone sufficient to explain the geoglyphs. It is still necessary to show that this creature could fly. Why in the world would the people of Nazca make the geoglyphs if the creature was incapable of flying overhead to view their drawings?

In Part 1, I discussed a Tiwanaku drawing of the sky god with its arms raised up, holding its hand-held instruments that had suddenly contracted and split apart, apparently creating an anti-gravitational field around its body as the tail, lighter than the body, is rising first. Indeed, the central pod of the tail is depicted up above the sky god's helmet. Also noteworthy are the puma-head symbols, which may indicate that the instruments made an audible roaring sound upon liftoff into the sky. Other Tiwanaku drawings confirm that they believed the sky god's power of flight rested in those hand-held instruments. One drawing places bird heads on each end of the instrument, and another drawing encloses a bird head inside the instrument. Bird heads are the symbol of flight.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman! That is how the Tiwanaku alien flew about, freelance style, just like Superman. It is only because of human inability to imagine any technology more advanced than ours that most people believe ancient astronauts needed to use landing craft.

Morten St. George is creator of a website related to the Nazca Lines, displaying the Tiwanaku and Nazca drawings mentioned in this article.

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2012 Changes - Why it Will Get Worse Before it Gets Better

To keep myself informed of "higher level" developments in humanity's progress toward the shift in consciousness and 2012 changes, I regularly read the material of about four to five different channels. Recently, these channels have been informing humanity that things will get worse on this planet before they get better. I also have recently observed major challenges and upsets in the lives of the people I know (it is June 24, 2010). However, I view the things that are happening as "blessings in disguise." I explain why in this article.

I understand why many crises and challenging situations are happening at this point in time. I also understand that in order to change humanity's direction, to divert people from the path of danger they are currently on, the consequences of that direction have to be extreme. (One timely, relevant example: The Gulf Oil Spill.)

Some people place a great deal of importance and credibility in information that is channeled. Channeled information sometimes explains things better than conventional wisdom, particularly when it comes to topics such as humanity's destiny. (I also read it and check it against my own understanding.) This is why I am including some relevant information that was channeled in this article.

The following is an excerpt from a channeling of SaLuSa on June 23, 2010:

"People all over the world are responding to the higher energies flowing into the Earth's grid." [Enlightened information on the Internet?] "Suddenly what you need to do to put your evolution onto a different path is becoming clear. Most importantly you realize that you have the power to change the direction that humanity was heading into and put it on course for Ascension..." [You can change your direction and raise your consciousness.]

"We have often intimated that times would get worse before there were changes for the better. You are entering such a period, but you are more prepared to see it out now because of your understanding of the issues involved...No one is given challenges unless it is known that they can cope with them...It is in adversity and even pain that the greatest lessons are learned." --SaLuSa of the Galactic Federation, channeled through Mike Quinsey, June 23, 2010

Because I understand what is happening, I can support people who are dealing with difficult situations even though in some cases I am in the midst of what is happening myself; I can see a challenging situation as a blessing in disguise and can help others see it that way, too. Seeing things in this new way in fact is what will help transform the situation and get people on the right path as quickly and easily as possible.

I can say with confidence that humanity has not changed its direction yet; I don't see it in the outer world yet. Most people are still waiting for someone else to take care of things for them, to take charge. Like teenagers, some also exhibit a sense of entitlement. Well, this Earth experience is all about us becoming more enlightened, mature adults--and that takes something. (I know some people don't like to read such things. But once the going gets tough, directness, straightness and realness will be appreciated more.)

In order to get humanity past these limitations and mindsets (that affect behavior and the sorts of actions we take), consequences have to be extreme. When the consequences are great, the required brain connections that will transform the situation can be made. An integral part of this involves reconnecting and merging with your higher self. Extreme tough love is also what is required right now.

It is my understanding that the events that will transpire over the next few (several?) months will finally get people's attention and change humanity's direction, one individual at a time. Integrating with your higher self is how to prepare for 2012. Integrating with your higher self will allow you as an individual to find your brilliance sooner rather than later so that as part of the 2012 changes, a world that works for you as well as everyone else can be created.

Are you ready to learn how to prepare for 2012? Subscribe at http://www.WhatEveryoneBelieved.com/ and receive a free 7-page report on how to reconnect to and integrate with your higher self. Christine Hoeflich is the author of Activating 2012: A Practical Guide to Navigating 2012 with Confidence and Clarity--an ebook that shifts your consciousness and gives you all the keys to finally fulfill your dreams.

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Are Spirits Real? The TRUTH About Ghosts, Apparitions and the Afterlife!

Are spirits real? Is there any "proof" that ghosts and apparitions are NOT products of an over active imagination or wishful thinking? Is there really an afterlife, or is that something we tell ourselves to feel better? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at some of the best PROOF that paranormal experiences are real, and the implications they have for those of us who remain in the living as well. Care to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Filed Under: The TYPES of actual evidence is OVERWHELMING

If ghost stories were ONLY the types you see on TV...it would be easy to write them off as entertainment, or imagination. But the truth is, there are so many different types of experiences with apparitions, and the "afterlife" that it's impossible to explain them as simple tricks of the brain.

There are literally MILLIONS of events like the ones listed below each and every year, and they all point to the same reality. (which IS, that this reality is NOT all there is!)

After Death Communications
Crisis Apparitions (Spirits who appear to people many miles away at the moment of their death)

Death bed visions
Near Death experiences (where deceased family and friends are seen)

And of course, there are MEDIUM readings where information comes through thats impossible to explain away through conventional means, even if the skeptics, and debunkers want you to BELIEVE that the readings are simply good guesses, luck or outright cheating.

And remember, when you REALLY start to look at the whole spectrum of super natural experiences, you really start to see how many of them there are, and they ALL point to that very same place.

  • Out of body experiences
  • Remote viewing
  • Psychic abilities
  • Past life memories (especially those in small children that are later proven to be true)

The truth is, there is way too much to list here. And they all seem to suggest that THIS reality is only a fraction of the spectrum of our spiritual awareness. And that MAYBE our authentic selves are really spiritual beings, trapped in the limiting confines of a physical body for a fixed period of time...and when that body disappears, what REMAINS is our spiritual selves.

(and that THIS self is who you really are...and what endures and persists AFTER death, and quite possibly, lives on forever!)

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Spirit Children

The concept of spirit children is a belief held by many ancient cultures. The belief is based on the idea that a spirit child selects his parents before or at the time of conception. Along with this idea it is only reasonable to assume the parents would also have to agree to this arrangement.

This falls in line completely with the concept of free will, which we all possess. Nothing is done in our life or pre-existence without our consent. Free will has a play in every aspect of life, one simply cannot have free will in choosing whether to have a hamburger or fish sandwich and not have free will in choosing every aspect of our life. Free Will is a law of Nature and thus cannot be changed.

The Aborigines of the Australian out back were and still are firm believers of the spirit child theory. They accept it unequivocally, even going so far as to accept the child if the known father is someone else than the mother's mate. In aborigine custom, the father has to dream of the child before it can be his. The dream actually has more to do with parental lineage than sperm.

Many times a male aborigine will dream of his child many years before conception. Many times the dream occurs during periods of hunting or isolation from their families. In a representative dream, a small dark-skinned spirit-child, two to three inches high, reveals its name and expresses a desire for birth. If the man has several wives, he chooses the most appropriate mother and describes her whereabouts to the spirit-child. Often times the spirit child will tell the father of another soul desiring to be his spirit child and that such child will arrive in so many years.

Even after the aborigines learned of the concept of conception, they still held to the belief that it wasn't necessary for the birth of a child. This idea could even have a bearing on the idea of an immaculate conception held by many religions.

The aborigine way of life is mainly a spiritual way of life, everything is centered around the dream time. They believe we "dream up" every thing before it actually can happen in the physical world. Thus the dreams of the individual are very important as they are an indication of things to come.

After they began to adopt the white man's ways, the birth rates began to drop in many of the tribes. A missionary's advice, "Increase ual contact with your wives," fell upon deaf ears. The Worora knew that conception depends upon a spirit-child's will to be born. The physical act was "more or less insignificant," even though the men had been educated about male sperm.

To me this only strengthens the belief there has to be a spiritual bond between mother, father and child to create a bond that will last through eternity. As is the case in every aspect of life, if there is no spiritual connections, there is no connection.

I have traversed the globe in search of truth, my truth, during which time I have had an opportunity to study with Aborigine elders, native American Indians, and some of the world's finest intuitive. All of this has lead me to better understand our world and all things therein contained. I have created a blog to share some of my adventures and knowledge as I see it.

Please fell free to comment.


I am available for private consultation.

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Global Warming Alarmists Would Have You Believe It's All Over Now

Most of us by now realize that we've all been had on the global warming doom and gloom scenarios, but that doesn't keep conspiracy theorists from coming up with more even crazier notions. Not long ago, I was talking to a gentleman who had a totally worse theory, literally an Armageddon tale of apocalypse. He said something to the effect (sorry I don't remember his exact words but), that:

"Green house gases have nothing to do with global warming. Many scientists believe the Sun plays a larger role in climate change, than first thought. Global warming can be reversed go to, but if it is not reversed in time all life on this planet will perish."

In fact, he went on to say that climate change was permanent and it was getting hotter, and that "both polar ice caps are beginning to be melted by the sun, during each ice cap's summer season," or something along those lines. Okay so, let's consider his doom and gloom tale, and ask ourselves if it is worthy of consideration or any better than the Global Warming Scare Tactic?

Okay so, first off we know that polar ice comes and goes, the poles wander, tilt changes, volcanic activity, ocean flows change, and the climate has definite cycles, along with our Sun. All of this is known and so, it is not relevant information and this data in and of itself along with all the data that would suggest that the Earth is falling into the Sun, or that the evidence presented is relevant, and all together it certainly doesn't come close to warrant the adoption of his overall hypothesis.

But our conspiracy theorist is not done yet, he also will claim that "the sun is getting hotter, and brighter," but we also know that the Sun has cycles that we do not fully understand, in hotness, and brightness. One thing we should be very weary of is allowing the incorrect interpretation of facts, and data. It's bad enough that those researchers which chose to support global warming were willing to manipulate the data, the charts, and extrapolate a hyperbolic curve to get everyone to jump to attention, bridging a gap to nowhere.

Still, it's much worse when someone takes it even further, and tries to tie in all the ancient mythology, end of days, Egyptian hieroglyphics, and the Mayan Calendar to support their hypothesis. You see, we can't do science in this way. And if we do, we will surely make things worse and enjoy history repeating itself while we dive into solutions which will present the law of unintended consequences.

Therefore, I ask that you become a skeptic, and be cognizant of the large number of doom-and-gloomer individuals out there who claim they are one with science, and yet, are really just out to scare us. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank. Lance Winslow believes writing 24,222 articles by July 22, 2011 at 2:22 PM is going to be difficult because all the letters on his keyboard are now worn off now..

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Alien Bases and UFOs on the Moon?

Long before the Apollo astronauts landed on the moon, our ancient ancestors had entertained the idea that the universe was inhabited by intelligent beings.

I had heard the theories that our government had found bases on the moon, signs of ancient alien civilizations, much like in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. There is no end of speculation about the subject of aliens on the moon as any Google or YouTube search will prove. Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell, a man that has been to the moon and back, says he was told by a high ranking government official, that aliens have been visiting Earth. Mitchell has also said that he's looked at all the supposed 'evidence' of bases on the moon that have been offered on the net, but to his eyes, he didn't see a shred of proof. He does however believe that we are being visited by someone.

There are several stories out that Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong saw 'huge ships' parked near a crater on the moon, and that they were 'very menacing'. What ads to the mystery of these alleged comments is that two of the sources for these stories come from people that either spoke to or over heard Armstrong; one a professor who spoke to him at a symposium and the second a former British MI6 agent, the equivalent of our CIA, who heard Armstrong talking to someone about the ships. Both have retold almost the exact same story and both still remain anonymous. What adds more momentum to the mystery of what Niel Armstrong did or did not see on the moon, is that the man rarely grants interviews, and according to Aldrin, Armstrong is almost a recluse. Buzz Aldrin on several occasions, has recounted the Apollo 11 encounter with a UFO while en route to the moon!

I present on my blog, three clips. The first was my introduction to the idea of alien moon bases from the independent video UFO: the Greatest Story Ever Denied and the second video is my offering into the arena of speculation. The 'lights' I captured could be nothing more than specs of dust on the film as I had to slow it down considerably to catch the flashes. I really do not know what to make of it, but I do think the white dot in the center of the crater is the kind of light reported by astronaut Ken Mattingly, as it blurs or streaks on the film, unlike a spec of dust. The third is Aldrin's somewhat rambling, almost unwillingness to tell Larry King the story of his UFO encounter near the moon.

I recently visited the Neil Armstrong Air & Space museum in Wapakoneta Ohio. It was a lot of fun for a space geek like myself. We noticed in the gift shop, they were selling copies of '2001: A Space Odyssey', the film about finding a ancient alien artifact on the moon. Are they trying to tell us something?

Make of it all what you will, but there seems to be something out there. Some say we were told to not come back to the moon. I can only hope we do return someday and soon.

- Mark

Link to the videos - scroll to the bottom.

Investigating the hidden world around us. Paranormal, UFO's, ghosts, and so much more. If it's unexplained or just plain strange, I like to cover it. Hope you visit my site:


I'm a longtime radio broadcaster who knows how to dig into a good story to find what others have not. Hope you come along for the ride.

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Tiwanaku Alien and the Nazca Lines

A few years ago I saw a directory listing with a description of something like: "I was abducted by aliens last summer. It really happened." Though I had a lot of interest in aliens, I did not even consider visiting that website. Of course, if this person was genuinely abducted by aliens, I would want to read about it but I have learned from experience that there was almost no chance of this being a true story. In some ways it is wonderful that humankind has advanced to the point of ignoring all the nonsense and quackery. On the other hand, if anyone really did have contact with an alien, it would be almost impossible to get any attention.

Case in point are drawings coming out of the Andean region of South America and dating from early medieval times. Here I am not referring to the famous lines of Nazca (Nasca) which could have a non-alien explanation. I am referring to the drawings of the city of Tiwanaku (Tiahuanaco) in the Bolivian highlands. In Tiwanaku, we do not find geoglyphs (ground drawings) but direct depictions of the alien himself. It does not take a lot of imagination to envision a four-fingered creature (the face is clearly non-human) wearing an astronaut's helmet with transparent visor. One engraving has twenty fish-head symbols overwhelmingly indicating that this creature was an aquatic. Indeed, it is easy to imagine that the astronaut's helmet was filled with water. Tiwanaku drawings strongly imply that this creature was a fish.

Enter the cynics: "They ate fish and made a drawing of the local fisherman." Archaeologists have determined that Tiwanaku was an agricultural community but, true, Lake Titicaca is only some twenty kilometers away. Fortunately, not all the depictions of the alleged alien display fish head symbols. In some, the fish heads are gone and replaced with condor heads (symbolic of flight). Hence, this creature was not only a fish, it was a flying fish, whence it became a sky god, the sky god of the Andes. No doubt, the cynics will now counter, with total disdain for the intelligence of the Andean peoples: "They ate birds too, and this is the local bird hunter."

Depictions of the Andean sky god are found not only in Tiwanaku, Bolivia, but also in Nazca, Peru, where he turns up not in the geoglyphs but on their pottery dating from the same epoch. The city of Tiwanaku is much older than the Nazca Lines but archaeologists have noted stages of development. The timing of Tiwanaku's sky-god phase does indeed correspond with the timing of the Nazca Lines, and the Nazca depiction is close enough to the Tiwanaku depiction that we can conclude that these sky gods are one and the same. This has always been the major hurdle for alien theories about the Nazca Lines: lots of ground drawings to be viewed from the sky but no depiction of the aliens. If you want to know for whom they made the lines, don't look on the ground. Look at their pottery.

The Nazca drawing displays a small cross-like instrument (also found in Tiwanaku drawings) on the alien's chest and a loudspeaker-like instrument, perhaps reflecting that the aquatic sky god was able to learn the Andean languages and communicate with them. Looking beyond the cultural boom of the century following the alien's visit, there is reason to believe that the Andean cosmological view of the night sky as made up of constellations of dark nebulae, rather than constellations of stars like in the rest of the world, was a derivative of direct communication with the alien.

But there is one critical difference between the Tiwanaku drawings and the Nazca drawing. In the Nazca drawing, the alien is depicted with human-like feet, though the fish heads just above the feet and looking down suggest that these are not really human feet but fish feet. Nonetheless, no Tiwanaku depiction of their sky god shows the alien with feet that even remotely resemble human feet (feet are seen only in depictions of animal and human symbolization of the alien's qualities, never on the sky god himself) and in fact their direct drawings of the alien display no feet at all. That makes sense. The alien didn't have feet but rather an aquatic tail that dragged behind it and hence was not visible from a frontal view. Thus, the artists of Nazca made the pottery drawing from one of Tiwanaku's frontal image depictions that happened to reach them, and then they merely improvised the feet. In other words, it is very likely that the people of Nazca never saw the sky god directly else they would have known better.

So what did the alien's fish feet really look like? That's easy to answer. While the people of Nazca never saw the alien up close, the people of Tiwanaku sure did and they provide us with plenty of drawings. The alien had an aquatic tail that split into three appendages, and each appendage ended in a pod with three toe-like protrusions. In one drawing, the alien's arms are raised up as it is about to launch itself into the air. Apparently, the displayed hand-held devices are providing the power, likely an anti-gravitational field around the alien as its tail (lighter than the body) is rising first. The left and right pods are displayed upward and outwards while the middle pod of the alien's tail is depicted up above the alien's head. This also explains why we don't find drawings of any type of landing craft. To all appearances, the alien didn't use landing craft. It simply put on its water-filled space suit, grabbed hold of its powerful instruments, and then spiraled down to Earth (the Andeans made so many drawings of spirals that we have to conclude that the alien descended from the sky in a spiral motion, like water funneling down a drain).

The artists of Tiwanaku also made drawings displaying the alien's tri-pod tail intact. These drawings resemble the Candelabro geoglyph found on a cliff facing the sea in Paracas, Peru. Evidently, the people of Paracas believed the aquatic sky god lived in the sea, from where it emerged to take off into flight. However, as already suggested, it is plausible if not likely that the people of Tiwanaku believed the sky god came from the dark clouds of deep space.

The Tiwanaku "on-liftoff" drawing adds more symbolism of note, namely human heads (a symbol of intelligence) attached to the alien's head. The people of Nazca also knew that this fish was intelligent. One of the Nazca geoglyphs displays a human head attached to the head of the fish. But this is just an ordinary fish and looks nothing like the alien. Surely, if they had seen the alien, they could have done better than that. In a sharp departure from what I have stated in the past, I no longer believe that the people of Nazca had direct contact with the alien. More likely, stories about the sky god (as well as the frontal image) came down to them from the mountains and they made those geoglyphs only to attract that sky god to them and to guide it to them. In other words, that massive project in the desert was for a sky god they never saw. But we should not be too critical of them. For example, contemporary Christians are building churches all around the world.

In specific, the Nazca pottery drawing depicts the middle pod up above the alien's head, just like the Tiwanaku drawings, but by attaching human-like feet to the creature they clearly did not know what it was. The people of Nazca had to have been in possession of a Tiwanaku image, perhaps brought to them by a "missionary" from the Tiwanaku civilization.

Some of our scientists would have us believe that the ancient peoples of Nazca flew around in hot-air balloons, hence they made those ground drawings to help sell balloon-ride tickets. Don't believe them!

Archaeological evidence from the Andes overwhelming supports the theory of contact with an alien. There are dozens of surviving images of the alien from Tiwanaku alone. In great detail, these drawings depict the alien's fish-like face and mouth, its reptile-like eyes, its astronaut helmet replete with sunlight reflectors around the visor and air bubbles inside the visor, its four-fingered hands, its tri-pod tail, its front-mounted voice transmitter, not to mention those hand-held instruments that suddenly contracted and split open upon liftoff up into the sky.

Turning a blind eye to all this evidence, our scientists continue to propose one ludicrous non-alien theory after another. I read about a new one just a few months ago. It seems that scientists from National Geographic came up with conclusive proof that the Nazca Lines have nothing to do with aliens: they found that some of the lines point to water sources. I saw just a brief clip so I don't know how they explained the circular-type drawings (which obviously point to nowhere) or explained how the people of Nazca managed to get airborne in order to follow the lines. Nonetheless, this may be the first scientific theory to make a little sense. It is only logical that the people of Nazca would want the lines to point to water. After all, as we just noted, this flying alien was a fish!

By Morten St. George. This article refers to several drawings of the Tiwanaku and Nazca civilizations, all of which can be viewed online at The Andean Sky God Website.

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Ancient Alien Theory - Evidence Aliens Were Here

The fact is: the evolution of human civilization and higher learning still remains a mystery to mankind. More and more evidence shows that ancient civilizations had an amazing understanding of Astronomy, Science and Math that in some cases rivals today's cultures. But at the same time these ancient civilizations were supposed to be one step out of the stone age? These ancient civilizations built huge structures that have stood the test of time... and even with today's technology and machinery would be hard to duplicate.

How did they do this? Why did they feel it was so important for future generations to see their work? Looking at historic accounts from the Hopi Indians, Egyptians, Maya, Aztec, and many other ancient civilizations, they all mention strange phenomenons that came from the sky like our modern day UFOs. Most of these ancient civilizations had beliefs in "gods" that interacted with or created them.

These "gods" in most cases were from the stars or sky. These "gods" would teach them, guide them, and rule over them with supernatural powers. Some people today regard these beliefs, held by these ancient civilizations, as just simply myths or legends. But what if these so called "gods" were actually extraterrestrials or aliens from elsewhere in the universe? What if the aliens were from a much more technologically advanced and older culture than the humans? If this were true.. is it possible the "supernatural powers" were merely the interpretation of advanced technology? Wouldn't this also help explain the advancements in education and technology required to build these amazing structures built by ancient civilizations? This theory does help explain the evolution of human civilization and higher learning.

Today, ancient sites like the Nazca lines, Egyptian Pyramids, and Mayan Pyramids all point to the existence of Ancient Aliens. We are beginning the "Golden Age" of space exploration. As we learn about the Universe.. given the sheer size, mass, and time... more and more Scientists agree evidence points to the concept that life exists elsewhere. Maybe the answer to our future is opening our minds to the possibilities of our past.

Kyle Knebel
Ancient Astronaut Theorist

Aliens Were Here Community Pages - Join the Ancient Alien Theory Movement.
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The Official Ancient Alien Theory Site: http://alienswerehere.com/

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