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Cancer Horoscope in 2012

Cancer Career and Work Horoscope in 2012

Crabs are equipped with wonderful coping abilities and diplomatic talents however they might be sorely tested during the winter months of 2011. Your workload may be ridiculously heavy and you may feel that others may expect too much from you. You may feel like you cannot get ahead and like you are misunderstood, however your strong will and ability to organize will get you through the first three difficult months of this year.

It may seem that if you want something done that you have to do it yourself. One challenge will to not let fatigue and irritability interfere with your normal, polite every day functioning. Performing well under this type of duress will bring you all kinds of rewards later in the year.

Cancer Love, Family and Social life Horoscope in 2012

During 2011 others may do everything possible to irritate you and try and make you explode in frustration. There are three planets in fire signs that make already volatile situations emotionally explosive. It may take a lot of strategizing and humoring of others to stay out of a bitter fight between friends or family members.

Yet another issue for Crabs might be about coping with addiction, in yourself or in a loved one. It is better to face your problems rather than try to escape them. There is a great possibility of family conflicts in the Spring however any dramas will be diffused by September when people are less likely to be so emotional.

If you are attached your relationship with a special one will intensify and become very romantic. If you are single you will easily attract the person who is right for you. Many Cancers will get married or be impregnated to in the Fall.

Cancer Finance and Money Horoscope in 2012

The first half of the year should be focused on paying saving and paying off debts. Do not invest or launch a business until after July 2011 as the planets are not favorable for this type of transaction during the first six months of the y ear. Autumn is more prosperous and will bring you opportunities to invest in projects that can pay off huge dividends in the future.

You will feel frivolous and like blowing your money on small items during the winter and spring of 2011. It is important for you to reign in your lust for luxury until the end of the year when you will be better able to afford it.

Your very best months for financial are going to be January 2012 and December 2012 when a cash windfall is more likely. January and December are also lucky months for you to play the lottery.

Cancer Health Horoscope in 2012

Crabs are destined to be healthy in 2012 as long as they keep exercising and do not indulge in too much junk food or alcohol. Counting calories and taking long walks every day can help prevent your waist-line from expanding. Avoiding stress can help prevent any problems with your digestive system. In fact, eating right can go a long ways towards helping heavier Crabs easily lose weight in 2012.

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