Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Feng Shui and Clearing Your Clutter or Not

Clearing your clutter has become such a big topic in Feng Shui. Years ago as a new Feng Shui consultant I liked that this concept it was clear and not confusing. Clear it out is the message. If you haven't used it in a year or don't love it then move it out and give it to someone who will use it. I however am becoming cautious about this advice.

Years ago I was in a friend's kitchen. I was a new consultant and she asked me about the Feng Shui of her kitchen. I told her what every book and all my training had to say. It was originally her husband's bachelor pad and it had stickers and license plates on every surface. There was no place to rest the eye. I said to do some clutter clearing.

Years later I was in her kitchen. I had done a lot of meditation work and Inner Space Techniques. In fact, I became an Inner Space Techniques Practitioner. I tuned into her kitchen as I was having tea and felt so grateful she did not head my beginner advice. Her kitchen felt marvelous. Yes, it was cluttered but it landed a warm and personal space.

I learned this again with another friend. I went to her home and it was very minimal. It was orderly and nice. A year later I went back for a visit and it was a shocking difference. It was gorgeous. The change was she had a boyfriend who went through her storage space and rearranged her house with treasures that she did not think much of until he had arranged them. He hung pictures of her and her children that had been hiding in photo albums. He blew them up, cropped them and colored them. He pulled up old chairs, an old couch, old lamps and voila. He created an absolutely beautiful space.

Since then I have learned that clearing clutter is an art. That said, I was in a naturopath's office the other day and met a fellow patient. I could feel how the patient's clutter was impacting his energetic body. It felt very serious in fact. I wondered what kind of treasures he had in his home that could be put to better use. Displayed, moved out and used to create a healthy Feng Shui space for him to thrive in versus the sickly stuffed space he lived in.

Danielle Kerr-Wilson is a certified Feng Shui Consultant as well as an Inner Space Techniques Practitioner. For more information about Danielle visit her website.

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