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How Feng Shui Water Energy and the Color Blue Can Calm You

Water is the most sensitive element in the environment for it is the universal solvent and can dissolve most substances. Its chemical composition allows great sensitivity and water can pick up the most minute of vibrations. In Feng Shui practice water placements are used to balance the energy of a home, release energy locks, stimulate peach blossom luck and promote career among many things.

All living things need and gravitate towards the life giving properties of water. It provides moisture and oxygen. Good Feng Shui and positive chi resides where the terrain can capture auspicious water energy. When water moves-- like in waterfalls, fountains, the ocean surf or even a shower-or when heat evaporates water-- all these produce free oxygen and negative ions in the air. The negatively charged ions attract positively charged pollutants, so, for example, after a rain the air smells fresher and we also feel better. Negative ions elevate our moods, lift depression, increase our hemoglobin/oxygen affinity and decrease respiration while calming the body. Negative ions also speed up oxidation of excess serotonin in the blood alleviating stress, depression and pain. Studies have also shown that negative ions can also relieve hyperactivity in the body, promote alpha brain waves and assist hormone balance all while alkalizing the body, amazing! Water is one of our largest natural sources of healthful negative ions.

In traditional Feng Shui, placement of the 5-elements have the strongest effect in changing or adjusting the energy of a home, so the water element would be the first choice in placing a remedy where water may be needed. Color is the second choice when it is impractical to place an element-- because color has a subtler effect. Color is (light energy) and the blue light wave (light or pigment) has a very similar effect on the human organism as actual water. In Feng Shui the color blue and black are traditionally equated with water energy.

Blue light (contained in white light) adjusts our circadian rhythms or sleep cycles and stimulate the body's serotonin production during daylight hours. This hormone allows us to sleep and relax. Then when the light becomes lower, the body will convert the serotonin to melatonin so we can sleep. Even as blue light helps adjust our sleep cycles-- blue light after hours can actually keep us awake--as our bodies need regular long periods of darkness (or low light) to be able to make this conversion so we can sleep. Computers, TV's or iphones can continue to shine blue light into our eyes even after the sun goes down. The blue light effect happens even if a person is blind because melanopsin, a light sensitive protein in our skin, effectively reacts to the blue light wave of 446-447 nm (nanometers). The color blue also lowers our blood pressure and heart rate (unlike red, which elevates it) and makes us feel cooler. It is interesting that blue light which fades to darkness (black) are also the colors associated with calmness and sleep --and water-- which likewise has a calming effect on us. Asians have observed this connection for thousands of year through the practice of Feng Shui.

Blue is a favorite color for many people. Men especially like shades of blue. It is a soothing shade and a favorite for meditation. Blue represents clear skies, no storms, and a peaceful ocean --and thousands of years of this conditioning have instilled it into our brains and bodies. Beautiful blue skies bode peaceful times. New studies have shown that when rooms are painted blue that it can even boost our creative thought with more expansive thinking. As we relax our defensive mechanisms, we also become more open to new ideas and possibilities. New tests in psychology and marketing continue to show how different colors can affect the thinking processes of our brains. The physical environment does affect us more than we know. A classically trained Feng Shui consultant can advise you of the best areas in your home to use water and guide you in making the best choices to balance and promote your home's natural healing energy. The skillful use of water is very important in traditional Feng Shui and can boost your life in many positive ways.

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