Monday, January 16, 2012

Psychic Chain Divination

The use of the pendulum as a form of psychic divination is very similar to that of divining rods except you are using a single hand to hold the chain or whatever you are gripping to suspend the pendulum on. Anything can be used as a pendulum from a needle to the greatest jewel. Once you have decided to use a pendulum as a psychic divination tool, you need to decide on what pendulum to use. One of the earliest pendulums I can remember using was a needle which was stuck into a cork top to give it a bit of weight. The needle had a thread in it and this was used to hold it above the article to present the psychic answer. The first thing one does is determine how the pendulum is working. Ask it a few questions which you already know the answers to.

Things that can give you a simple yes or no and sometimes you can also add maybe into the equation. Make a note of the answers you get. Does is swing from side to side for yes? Then write that down. Does it circle for No? Write it down. Also make a note on what strength of swing you get. Learn to hold the string or chain with a steady hand. This is where the psychic side of you comes through. You do not want to influence the answers you get. The amounts of different pendulums that are available are truly beautiful with different crystal stones set in a chain. They do not have to be expensive nor do they have to be special items specially made as a divination tool. One of the best and most responsive pendulums I use is a little Kruger rand set in a gold setting.

It is one of the best tools I have in this range. The accuracy rate is high and although no psychic is ever 100% this tool usually gives me a good 95 to 98% rating. When you start doing the questions, remember that the questions need to be formatted so that the pendulum can give either a 'Yes" or 'No' answer. It can not give you an answer like "Aunt Rachael did it". This is something that is great at a fun party like a stork party where you can ask questions like is it a boy or is it a girl. Whatever pendulum you use for your psychic questions try to keep it in a special place and always thank it for the answers. This helps to keep it in tune with the energies. It might sound strange but don't let other people handle it. It is attuned to you and you need to keep other peoples energies away from it or you will have to re-attune it before use again.

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