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Occult Wisdom Sane Living For Insane Times

The following list of axioms, seed thoughts and suggestions are for the serious seeker after wisdom. The one who feels there is something wrong with today's hectic, greedy, emotionally charged, materialistic society. And at the same time does not know what to do about it.


There is no answer. There is nothing you can do about it. We are in the changing times between two great eras. Hindu's call it "Kali Yuga." Time of darkness.

The Vikings call it "The Wolfs Age."

Christians call it "Revelations."

Remember what that great teacher said over 2000 years ago.

"Come ye out from amongst them and let the dead bury the dead."

Now I know that most of you will say that you cannot or will not come out from amongst them because of your:








So Be It!

The choice is yours.

But at least try and save your sanity, improve your health and fight for the slight chance that you will gather enough consciousness, in this lifetime before you pass over, to warrant a semi-conscious reincarnation next time.

At least get some of the hooks of this mad society out of you!

Why is this society insane you may ask?

The leaders of this materialistic society that we live in; including:




Business Men



Military People




have all forgotten, or choose not to teach humanity about the spiritual side of man.

Man's destiny and purpose is to raise his level of consciousness. To develop and nurture the inner man within and to evolve into the next higher state of being, called ---- homo-spiritualitis.

It is true that in any time period there is only a very small percentage of humanity ready and able to hear and understand this; and to obey its laws consciously.

And unfortunately because of this lack of understanding massive humanity must be prodded along unconsciously.

But the times we live in today are so fraught with dangers and pitfalls, that even seekers after truth, light and wisdom are having a very difficult time.

It seems that the real spiritual teachers like Steiner, Blavatsky, Gurdjieff, Vitvan, Freedman, Baily, Koryzbski, etc have pulled back and are hiding.

There is an old Chinese proverb:

"When mass man rules, wise man hides."

And a second one:

"When a society is ready to fall, the worse men possible
will be pushed to the top to hasten the process."

How about an old Greek saying.

"Whom the Gods would destroy
they first drive mad."

So what can we do?

Take the race psyche (mass man consciousness) hooks out of yourself.

Keep the cosmic principles of truth and wisdom always in front of you and try to live them in your daily life.

Keep your energy levels high. Don't allow the your energy to go into the 'red' (near empty.)

Simplify your life.

Cosmic Principle #1

You are a dynamic unit of energy, living and moving and having your being in a larger dynamic unit of energy we call god (Quantum Ocean.)

Cosmic Principle #2

The Law of Three is constantly at work in your life. There is you, the other and the relationship between you. Always an energy exchange.

There is your "I Am", or soul, your etheric or physical body, your astral body, your mental body, the folk soul of your race, all humanity, Earth's body, solar system's body, the galactic body and then God.

All these bodies are energy bodies and each one interacts with you. Each one has an energy relationship with you.

There are more.

Cosmic Principle #3

Due to the interaction of the workings of the Law of Three you also have energy relationships with each of the following energy fields:


Your Parents

Your Family

Your Ancestors

Your Spouse

Your Lovers

Your Friends

Everyone in Your Neighborhood

In Your State

In Your Country


You are connected to all these and more.

The astrological energy of our solar system, cosmic energies from space, galactic energies all affect you in varying degrees.

They all act on your individual energy fields.

They say you become what you eat.

Have you ever asked yourself:

"Who or what energy am I hooked up to?"

"Who or what energy have I just eaten and swallowed?"

"Who or what energy has just eaten or swallowed me?"

These three cosmic principles are a good starting point. engrave them into your consciousness and use them in your daily life.

1) I am a dynamic unit of energy, living and moving and having my being within other dynamic units of energy.

2) The Law of Three is constantly at work in my life.

3) Because of the Law of Three everything that I eat (touch) with my mind, my feelings, my emotions, my thoughts, my physical body becomes part of me, and I part of it.

Now To The Biggest Curse of the 21st Century


One of the biggest curse of the 21st century and most likely the biggest hook connecting you to unconscious humanity is your TV.

If you do not believe me, try to turn it off for one week.

It is the new religion. At 6PM every evening 250 million people bow down in front of it and unconsciously listen to it's every word. Allow it's every image and sound to enter their consciousness (thereby becoming more unconscious) and worst of all they allow this electronic beast to eat their energy.

Many of you at this point will start to sing your old song of justification.

"Oh I only watch the news."

"Oh I only watch the history channel."

"Oh I only watch the educational channels."

"Oh I only etc, etc, etc."


This paper is about dislodging the hooks materialistic society has on you. To free your energy up; to increase your health; raise your level of consciousness.

You cannot do this if you continually pray to the TV God and give it your energy.


At least get a VCR and watch movie tapes. Taped material does not have the hypnotic power of live TV with their subliminal messages. Watch only movies or time delayed programs, this is a good start.

Those of you who are getting angry at me for what I am writing .... take that anger and turn it around at yourselves, at your own weaknesses and lack of self control and discipline. I said this paper was for serious seekers.


When you are sitting in a chair reading a book your etheric-physical body is calm and pulsating harmoniously. Your astral body is steady. Your mental body is being stimulated by words from the book. All is well. No loss of energy.


Your etheric-physical body is being bombarded by high frequency waves which are putting holes in your aura which leads to less protection against ill health.

Your emotional body is being over stimulated with sex, violence vibrations, which leads to ill health.

Your mental body is filled with materialistic consumer, non-spiritual ideas leading to unconsciousness.

TV uses Sex, Violence, Hatred to control you.

All that really comes out of the boob tube is:

Blah--- blah ---- blooey ---- lies ---- propaganda.

Your real self is put to sleep and you become their supper.


It seems that seekers of the past (50-100 years ago) could either retreat to a quiet place in the country (ashram) or were economically stable enough to afford to live in the chaotic cities above the mundane society, earning a living amongst the unconscious masses.

Seekers today, thanks to the greedy power structure of the materialistic-consumer-business leaders of the world find it ever more difficult to find the time, the space, the where-with-all to

They are running helter-skelter, here and there just trying to make ends meet.

How then can seekers find the peace, quiet, health and holiness promised them by all the past masters and ancient scriptures?

They must understand the
energy world we live in.

They must have a daily methodology (exercises, meditations, practices) which will help them to:

Conserve and utilize their own energies


stop feeding the materialistic beast
that surrounds them!

Before you start anything new (to add to the thousands of processes you already have in motion) use the coordinates for right function concept.






These five factors must be combined properly to have a successful manifestation of any objective goal, purpose, work, project, plan, need you wish to bring into your life.

All five must come together to build a decent, adequate and functional: house of your life.

A house in which you can live comfortably and well. Don't overlook or misuse, especially the time factor in this rush around society. It will guarantee the failure of any project you undertake.

is built into the physical universe in everything we see, hear, speak, feel and do. It takes a certain minimal amount of time to see anything, to hear, to touch, to speak ... etc. Time enters into everything, just as oxygen has to be a part of water for water to even exist.

Now, because of our unconsciousness, lack of training and hurry, unless we are aware, we will not measure the proper time for any process to complete its cycles and manifest correctly.


is not empty, it is the substance of God. (Quantum Ocean).

Whatever thing you wish to do is a piece of God.

You need space to do things. Do you have the space to do what you want to do?

Give yourself and your loved ones lots of space.

Space and time are used together. The measurement of motion includes both time and space.


is the interval between seed and fruit.


is a part of the process:

Life and death

Incarnation and dis-incarnation

Wisdom and ignorance

Light and darkness


is the Law of Three at work in your life. All 5 elements (above) grow together like the growth of a plant or the formation of a crystal.


is the ability to know your limits. When your energy needle goes into the red you have surpassed your limits.




Get ready and be prepared for constant change, for that is life. Otherwise you will become too rigid (especially the spine and bones) and you will be cracked by the winds of change.

Inflexible man will be cracked at the spine. Flexible man bends.

First step you must practice in sane living is to make right choices by discriminating what you do want in your life vs what you do not want in your life.

Never confuse the absolute with the relative. Don't mix your levels of abstraction.

This is an erroneous high level of abstraction:





Just look at the different levels of abstraction in the citry where you live.

Murderers, rapists, child molesters, drug sellers, evil politicians, evil doctors, evil lawyers, evil priests, etc etc etc.

The above high level of abstraction left out one all important word


Man can be inheritantly good


All men are POTENTIALLY equal.

Why would those who seek to control us leave out that important word? You answer that for yourself.

Life is lived on the individual level not in the clouds of high level abstractions. Have you noticed who uses these high level abstractions the most?

Politicians, lawyers, doctors and priests.

With all thy getting, get WISDOM.


is the ability to see what is.

There are two great processes at work in our lives.

A spiral of energy form GOD tp us, the involution cycle.


And an energy spiral from us to God, the evolution cycle.



Our universe is built on ENERGIES not Words. But those in power use Words to control us. Learn how to live sanely in these insane times.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller (earned Viking name) is 72 and a skald and rune master. He is a retired math professor and electrical engineer. He brings his scientific knowledge of Quantum Physics into his Runic Information Website. He offers a unique approach to Runes and Quantum Physics He offers free Runic and Quantum Physics essays and articles plus a free newsletter. To take advantage of his uniquely interesting stuff check out his website at

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