Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Using Mirrors To Feng Shui Your Place

Mirrors are wonderful as both functional and decorative pieces hanging in your home. They come in handy for a number of different reasons, including getting dressed for the day. They help create depth and light in any part of your home. They are ideal when you have a really small space that you want to enlarge. Mirrors are also extremely critical when it comes to Feng Shui. People use mirrors as a way to alter, move, and attract certain energies into their houses.

In Feng Shui, you place mirrors to correct any problem you are having in your home. You will need to follow strict laws on where to hang them. By placing a mirror across from something wonderful you can bring a positive change to your energy flow. Position a mirror across from a beautiful landscape or piece of art. This is to help bring more of this stunning energy into your house. The best areas to hang mirrors for good Feng Shui are the east corner for health and family, the southeast side for wealth and abundance, and the north side for career and life path.

Don't place a mirror directly across from a door or window. This can bring unwanted outside energy into your house. You also do not want to hang two mirrors facing each other. This will cause stuck energy between them. You will feel restless in your home. You also should never use broken, dusty, or unframed mirrors. Don't ever position a mirror on the wall across from your bed or on the south side of your house.

As long as your oval wall mirrors are framed, look and size will not matter much. Be unique and fun to match your favorite looks. There are an unlimited number of options such as vintage and antique mirrors, black or round white mirrors, or sleek modern mirrors. Feng Shui papers often discuss convex mirrors and bagua mirrors. Convex mirrors are known in Feng Shui as the watchful eye. They deflect speedy moving chi, and keep your home from being overpowered by bad features outside of your house. Bagua mirrors are to be hung outdoors only. They keep negative energy from entering your house.

Feng Shui can be a fun and unique way to bring positive energy in and decorate your home. Hanging a mirror in the right place can be both functional and beautiful. Mirrors are useful for getting dressed and making a small area appear bigger. The ideal mirror placement brings a nice energy into your home and life. You can get mirrors everywhere, including the internet and big chain box retailers.

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