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Past Life Astrology - 3 Ways to Prove Your Past Lives Are Real (Amazing But True!)

Are past lives real? Is the idea that we all keep "coming back" a truth that can actually be tested, or just a bunch of new age nonsense that's impossible to ever really prove?

I'm going to make a quick confession...

I don't believe that you can EVER really know if your past lives are actual memories, rather than the constructs of an over active imagination unless you actually set out to see what's REALLY happening below the surface.

With that in mind, I'm going to give you 3 simple techniques that have totally changed my own perspective on past lives, and given me the first hand evidence that supports the idea that my OWN memories were a lot more than unexplainable parts of my sub conscious I couldn't shut off. (something most of my medical friends and family would convince me of whenever I asked.....UNTIL I actually went out and did my own research!)

Curious to know more? Lets take a quick look at 3 of the very easiest ways to get the personal past life proof we ALL crave.

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What is past life regression therapy? Very simple! It's the use of hypnosis by a licensed therapist for the purpose of moving you back in time to identify the memories in question, or the origins of issues that are giving you trouble in your current life. The truth is, much of the public awareness of past lives (especially in Western culture, where it's not part of our ordinary awareness, as it is in Eastern societies) comes from people who teach, and practice regression therapy with incredible results. Famous Doctor's like Brian Weiss, Ed Klein, Carol Bowman and Gary Zukav have popularized past life therapy for affecting life changing benefits in their clients, and it's a very cool experience for sure. (even if you are super skeptical right I once was!)

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A great technique you can practice on your own. Many people have found their past life memories intensify through meditation, and not only can the memories themselves become much more clear, you can also trace back many of the surrounding circumstances of each lifetime as well. As a matter of fact, this is a lot like regression therapy, only in this case, you are doing it on your own, without guidance, and as a result.....what "comes through" is often a bit harder to control. (and while amazingly effective, and really profound, it can be a bit tougher for many, as it takes a fair amount of commitment to see results)

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Probably the easiest, the least costly and the least time intensive is simply speaking to a psychic or astrologer in person, or via the telephone and letting them guide you back to your earliest memories. (often these will instantly go back beyond your current lifetime, especially if your reader is good) The benefit of a good astrologer or karma reading is that they will incorporate lots of different tools and techniques to read your energy, and help open up not only where you've been, but where you're going as well! last thing: If you explore the regression option outlined in the first item above, make sure they are licensed, reputable and have a lot of experience BEFORE you let someone hypnotize you in an office setting. (another reason why I prefer telephone consultations until you are comfortable with the process, and know what to expect)

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