Friday, January 13, 2012

Where to and Not to Use Windchimes in Feng Shui in Your Home?

Feng shui is a Chinese tradition that is centered on the correct placement of objects. These items include wind chimes. According to this tradition, energy is everywhere. The attraction of this energy, whether good or bad, depends on where you have placed the objects. Sound is also part of the feng shui tradition. It is believed that the enormous sound of fireworks will bar bad spirits or energy from entering your home. However, there are people who do not believe in feng shui and use the chimes as garden accessories. According to feng shui, there are specific areas where a windchime should be placed and areas where it should not be placed.

The chime can be placed at the entrance of a building. This is a way of preventing bad chi from getting into the building. One of the beliefs is that the chime will alert you when unauthorized people try to break into the building. The windchime is hung depending on the direction the entrance is facing. For example, if it is in the northern direction, the chime is hung for vitality purposes. Entrances that face the north are normally deemed unattractive.

When building a house and wish to have many children, ensure that the entrance faces the western side. This is because when the windchime is hung on this direction, it will increase the flow of a good atmosphere, hence establishing unity in the family.

You need chime if your building is blocked by another, right in front of it. This is a sign of bad luck as you will stagnate in your life. The chime will help to prevent you from stagnating. The chimes can also be put in the garden to enhance productivity. They are also used to protect the food stuff from harsh weather conditions and animals. Windchimes should never be hung inside an office. This is considered as bad luck. This is not only tradition but common sense. The chime is likely to distract your clients and co-workers.

Windchimes are also made of different materials. The most common ones are wood, metal, ceramics and bamboo. The metal chime is the best when you want to practice feng shui. Studies have shown that metals on the earth are getting reduced day after day. It is believed in feng shui that this creates a negative energy. This means that hanging the metal chime in your premises will definitely counter the negative energy and bring positive chi. This sounds like a way of being rewarded for conserving metals, which are part of nature.

Harry is a freelance architect and has been part of the field for the past ten years. Harry is very passionate about his job and has been involved with several different projects including landscape gardening with the use of strange ornaments such as wind chimes. For further information on any of the topics raised in the article please visit The Wind Chime Shop.

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