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Pisces Horoscope in 2012

Pisces 2012 Career and Work Horoscope

There is nothing but good news in the future of the Fish when it comes to business and your career. You can expect a promotion and some of you will be relocating geographically to make more money.

If you are a Pisces who is unhappy with your current job then 2012 is your big chance to make that big change. The planets also favor looking for a job in another country or overseas if that is what you really want.

Most Fishes will find themselves having more opportunities to travel and combine business with pleasure.

You love people and you love to study them and be considerate of their opinions. However, it is important to avoid gossip at work. Your success will draw a few critics.

Although this is a good year for those who work in big companies or corporations it is not as positive for those who want to start their own business.

Pisces 2012 Love, Family and Social life Horoscope

2012 starts out peacefully but those in a partnership may find that misunderstandings start to crop up in the summer. Do not allow petty disputes to escalate into full blown war. Focus on being affectionate and complimentary to those you love and try not to constantly point out bad points or flaws in character. It is also important for you to maintain your self control if you do feel provoked. Let "forgive and forget" be your motto.

This year you may find many coming to you for advice, support and wisdom. Be sure to open your home up to younger people who may need your guidance. Being charitable in the community will also serve you well this year. If you are single being a volunteer or donating your time to a good cause is the fastest way for you to get ahead.

Pisces 2012 Finance and Money Horoscope

2012 is a year when you will feel that you are finally climbing out of debt. Your ability to make a lot of money and get ahead of your creditors is during the first few months of 2012. Financial gains are likely throughout most of the year however you might have to tighten your belt again for a few months after Christmas 2012.

In essence this year is more about financial recovery than it is about investments or launching new ventures but you will be pleased by how much further ahead you are cash-wise by the end of the year. Some emergency requiring extra cash is indicated towards the end of the year so be sure to put some money away in case it is needed to pay for something dire like a medical expense.

Pisces 2012 Health Horoscope

For the first half of 2012 Fishes are fated to enjoy excellent health. However several planets indicate that those born under the sign of Pisces are a little more vulnerable to all kinds of illnesses including backaches, stomach problems, colds, headaches and joint pains. Fishes should put aside money for emergencies as the cosmos is also indicating that those near and dear to them might also have issues with their health.

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