Tuesday, March 15, 2011

8.9 Earthquake Japan - Fifth Largest Earthquake in the World Since 1755

When it comes to Japan, they sure know how to rock n' roll - but they also seem to be good at setting records. The Sendai, Japan Earthquake of 2011 was the fifth largest earthquake ever felt, where adequate records were available. Can you say huge, I mean really huge?

Well, consider if you will that in all of recorded history since the Richter Scale was created there have only been three others larger than the one in Japan. For instance, according to WikiPedia, the Richter Scale was not even developed until 1935 by Charlie Sheen, I mean Charles Richter with Beno Gutenberg at Cal Tech in California, whereas, it was Charlie Sheen, an actor that appeared to lose his mind and shook Hollywood circa 2011.

If you will recall the recent Earthquake in Chile was an 8.8 and the Sumatra-Andaman earthquake quake was 9.3 which caused the giant Tsunamis throughout the Indian Ocean. Perhaps considering the Haiti Quake and the recent New Zealand quakes, which were quite a bit weaker, but not any less devastating to structures or ruined lives - it might make sense if you live in an Earthquake zone to have a plan.

Indeed, there is a very good book I can recommend to you if you don't feel as if you are properly prepared currently, and I will tell you that this is a book I do own personally living out here in California. The name of the book is:

"The Disaster Survival Handbook" Authored by Alton L. Thygerson, Brigham Young University, Salt Lake, UT, (1979) 248 pages, ISBN: 0-8425-1629-8.

The book explains what you can do in your own life, to protect your family and property, as well as what to do immediately afterwards. Not only is there excellent information earthquake preparedness, supplies needed, and how to battle ready your living environment - but also how to deal with aftershocks, power outages, drinking water, cooking, and surviving, literally surviving, as you won't have any communication, TV, Internet, gas, electricity, and you may not be able to drink the water, even if you have some flowing through the pipes.

This is a great survival book, because it handles all types of disasters, and I ask you - are you and your family ready when and if disaster strikes? Be prepared because when such an event hits emergency services will potentially be so overwhelmed, you are on your own. Thus, maybe this is a good wake-up call for you to consider the reality of such a potential eventuality. Think on it.

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