Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flooding, Weather, Inflation, Commodity Prices, and Civil Unrest World Wide

Well, it appears that the predictions were correct, the floods are coming to a Mid Western town near you, in fact, it has already begun. Most long-range weather forecasters expected that the winter of 2010-2011 would be less than peaceful for the United States, but surely other continents have been hit far worse, flooding has been significant indeed. And more flooding doesn't bode well for rising commodity costs either, but Mother Nature has spoken, and this is going to be a year to remember.

Yes, one might say, isn't there enough problems in the world with food price inflation, and civil unrest as protests in many countries seem to be perpetual? Does this mean that the 2012 prophesy is correct, and things are just now starting to unravel? Well, I was asked these same questions not long ago, and wouldn't go that far quite yet, however, things are reaching a crisis point, few could deny that.

There was an interesting and very telling prediction made in Stormwater Magazine Online on February 18, 2011 titled; "NOAA Another Spring of Major Flooding Likely in North Central U.S." The article goes on to predict some rather ominous event in Spring of 2011, namely that "A large swath of the country is at risk of moderate to major flooding this spring, from northeastern Montana through western Wisconsin following the Mississippi River south to St. Louis, National Weather Service flood experts are forecasting."

And they are predicting "Major Flooding" for the Red River, James River, Big Sioux River, Souris River Basin, Devils Lake, an even "the main stem of the Mississippi River" - and we are talking about some 12 states in all. Well, FEMA says they are ready, and I suppose so too are the news stations to keep us informed on the damage on TV. But what about the cost to US crops during this huge uptick in commodity prices. We are all going to pay more for everything.

It's going to affect the price of ethanol due to corn crops getting hammered. And then there is the price of grain and wheat - as if those prices were not going through the roof already. And meat prices, well consider that cattle, pigs, chickens, and just about all livestock will see significant cost increases due to increased feed costs. None of this is good news considering $100 plus oil prices, and the world wide inflation, especially in food happening throughout the world.

But these are the cards human civilizations have been dealt and just because we live in the greatest nation ever created here in the USA, doesn't make us immune for the challenges which may help define 2011. Please consider all this and think on it.

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