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Signs Of An Haunted Home - 10 Things That May Mean Your Home Is Haunted

Do you hear things go bump in the night? Do you get the feeling that you are being watched? Do you believe that your home is haunted? Well in this article I am going to reveal the signs of an haunting.

Now the truth is that hauntings can be represented in many ways and that is what I am going to talk about in this article. However it is also important that, no matter what type of phenomena you are encountering, you try to find a rational explanation for the experience.

Of course something that is experienced by more than one person or if there are a number of different types of phenomena occurring it is going to be harder to explain and put down to natural causes, but you should still try before concluding that your home is haunted.

Listed below is a variety of events, happenings and phenomena which may possibly signify that your home might be haunted:

  1. Things opening and closing by themselves, for example cabinets,doors and cupboards. You may notice this when you enter a room and something is open that you are certain was closed or you may just hear the sound of something in another room opening and closing, such as a door creaking open and slamming shut upstairs when no one is up there. Try to make sure these things aren't happening because of defective hinges or down to drafts.
  2. Noises and sounds that are mystifying to you. These can be scratching sounds, knocking sounds or footsteps for example. These sounds may be down to something such as mice in the wall cavities or plumbing but they may also be down to something you (or anyone else) cannot explain.
  3. Quick flashes of shadows (or shapes), often these will be out of the corner of you eye. Sometimes the shadow may appear to have a definite human shape to it, but that is not always the case. One rational explanation for this may be something as simple as a shadow caused by the headlights of a passing car.
  4. Items vanishing (and in some cases reappearing) is another sign of a possible haunting. This is usually an item that you know is in one place and when you go to get the item it is not there (the most common item is keys). More rational explanations are that you have simply misplaced the item or someone else has moved them without your knowledge.
  5. Things turning on and off, such as lights, taps or TVs. Again try to find a rational explanation, for example get an electrician to check for faults in the wiring.
  6. Cold spots. Not just cold spots but hot spots too, in fact any sudden change in temperature can be a tell tale sign of an haunting.
  7. Any unusual activity from your pets. An example of this is perhaps a dog refusing to enter a room that they have never previously had any problems entering. This is something that is more difficult to find a rational reason for.
  8. Feeling like you are being watched of touched. The feeling of being watched could be many things but if it always occurs in a certain room or at a certain time there may be something too it. The feeling of being touched is much harder to explain, although if you are experiencing other phenomena it may well be that your mind is starting to play tricks on you.
  9. Hearing human sounds. We have already mentioned hearing sounds such as knocks and footsteps but hearing human sounds such as crying or whispers is far stronger evidence of an haunting. Be sure to eliminate other sources though before jumping to a conclusion, it could be something as simple as someone stood near your home listening to music or talking on their cell phone.
  10. Any scents, aromas or smells that come and go and are also from an unknown source. These could be pleasant smells, such as perfume, or a rotten smell, like those given by someone with bad body odor.

These 10 points are good indicators of an haunted home but you should, as I mentioned earlier, always attempt to look for a natural cause before coming to the conclusion that your home is haunted.

There are of course a few signs I have left of the list such as seeing levitating objects, being attacked by an invisible force or seeing an an actual apparition. The reason for this is simply that if you have experienced either of these you won't be reading an article about whether your home is haunted but what to do when you know that it is.

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