Sunday, March 20, 2011

After Death Contact - How It Happens (And What Does It Mean?)

Is after death contact a common experience?

Is it a hallucination, or a simple case of wishful thinking? And how vivid are the experiences? Are they dream like and fantasy prone, or are they real, concrete and evidential that the soul or spirit DOES in fact survive physical death?

The interesting thing about after death communication, to me at least, is this:

They happen FAR more frequently than many of realize.

As a matter of fact, numerous studies seem to suggest that many MILLIONS of people have these experiences each and every year, and that most folks feel so overwhelmed by the event, that they are hesitant to discuss them for fear of ridicule or embarrassment.

Did you know that a leading US pediatrician, Dr. Melvin Morse, has written numerous books suggesting that CHILDREN often see deceased relatives when they are sick or ill, often with messages of comfort and a "not to worry" approach to their illness?

As a matter of fact, similar studies show that MORE than 50% of parents who lose a child will have a CLEAR and vivid experience with that child, after their death, and many of these are visual, during periods of complete wakefulness. (i.e. - an "apparitional" experience NOT related to sleep, dreaming or "fuzzy" thinking)

Similar studies suggest that people who lose a spouse will have a similar experience.

There are COUNTLESS books written by hospice nurses and volunteers that detail what are now referred to as "death bed visions", where people will have seemingly lucid conversations with invisible friends and family BEFORE they die......often coming out of long periods of incoherence to speak CLEARLY to people only they can see, in the room, moments before death.

Many people report these experiences in a dream like state as well......but claim the experiences were far more "real" than dreams.

And of course, psychic mediums have been reuniting people with their loved ones that have crossed over for hundreds of years.......and whether we are skeptics or believers, the truth is, you CAN'T argue with the healing affect these experiences have on the bereaved, which is the only thing that matters to me.

What does this all mean?

In my view and years of experience, writing and research......I believe it means we continue to live on after our physical bodies die. It also means, by some mechanism we don't yet understand, SOME people are able to have these experiences more easily than others. It's also possible that some SPIRITS are more able to communicate with us, than others as well..:-)

To me, it's all about the magic, and the mystery of the unknown. Having an experience with a psychic medium many years ago changed my life completely.....and it's been a journey, and an adventure ever since that I wouldn't trade for all the money in the world!

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