Monday, March 21, 2011

Jesus Would Never Use a Gun to Settle an Argument

We have been living through the post moratorium of the tragedy of January 8, 2011. While we have those trying to lay blame and others defending their actions, I have heard very little from the Christian Church regarding the tragedy in Tuscon Arizona. There seems to be a deathly silence on those shootings.

In the past you could count on Pat Robinson to weigh in and assign blame to the victims such being the case after the earthquake in Haiti. He assigned blame to the Haitian for the earthquake because they signed a pact with the devil after being denied their freedom from slavery.

I did read the comments of a Pastor named Denis who defended the Conservative radio, and he judged what they have said as being truthful. Whether these talk show host have been telling the truth has nothing to do with this article. I have a deeper concern or question for this article.

I ask this question, who do you follow. Do you follow the teachings of Jesus or do you follow the teachings of a particular radio talk show host? I would hope that you answer Jesus. Before I continue, I am not saying that you should not listen to the radio, but it should be through the light of Jesus. You should have Jesus as your priority, and let all else fall into its place.

Before I continue on to Jesus, I want to share the following point. In Samuel 8 5-9. Up to this point, Israel had ruled by through Judges, and when Samuel retired, the leaders of Israel wanted a King like the other nations. Though God granted their request, he warned them about having an earthly king which would bring nothing but problems for Israel. God's warnings came past and the Israel would be destroyed twice because of the transgressions of its rulers.

When Jesus arrived on the scene, Herod had been king and the Romans occupied the land. They had Zealots or militia groups who had been trying to free the Jews from from Roman rule. You also Greek influence in the attitudes in the ruling elite. One would think that Jesus being the Son of God would seize the moment and rid the land of the these physical enemies. Well, he did not, He taught people do unto others as you would have others do unto you. He spoke of loving your enemies and doing good to them. He told them that if a soldier requires you to carry a load a mile then carry it two. miles He told those who want to lead they must learn to learn to serve. And when it came to taxes that we should render unto Cesare which he owns and render unto God what belongs to Him.

Paul took it one step further when wrote that we should pray for those in authority that they would do the Will of God, and pay our taxes.

What I find interesting in God, Jesus, and Paul, they never chose a political form of government. Yet, over the centuries, the Church has aligned itself with the Government. During the periods of the Inquisition, they aligned themselves with the Government to crush their opponents, and it has never ended. Even today, the Church has aligned itself with the one political party in order to push its own self issues. Yet, Jesus did not align Himself with any form Government to push His agenda, yet the present Church feels the need.

I want to wake you up to this reality. Those of us who have been called by the name of Christ must realize the following truth. We who have been by God to follow Jesus do not belong to this world. Therefore, we do not need worldly powers to move in this fallen world because we have the power of God. Those who have accepted the Baptism of the Spirit have no need for neither Government nor Corporate intervention to succeed in this World. For the God who brought the Israelite's out of Egypt will bring you to His appointed destinies for you.

Finally one must remember that Jesus never needed a gun to defeat His enemies, but words of love.

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