Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hopi Prophecy in the End Times

The Hopi Native Americans are a people of peace. They carry a very special mission from Creator during these end times. It would be wise for us to listen to them.

We are now apparently living in the end times. The Hopi have a prophecy that a Great Purification will take place before the end of this era. This prophecy may have ties to several other prophecies, both biblical and those of the Hopi.

The Hopi were told about the coming of "three." These three were related to three symbols including the Sun symbol, the Moha symbol (swastika), and the Red symbol.

I have been led to believe that the Sun symbol symbolizes Creator, the Moha symbol symbolizes the four forces of nature set in motion including earth, water, fire and air, and the Red symbol symbolizes the "Walking the Red Road" spiritual path I was directed to write, which is included in the last section of the book, "Red Hat Speaks."

I believe the Hopi prophecy that told them Pahana will bring them a new religion, that is not really new, is fulfilled by the seven steps of Walking the Red Road. This is the actuality of the Red symbol. Those Hopi who choose to walk the Red Road will be judged righteous, i.e they will be purified by the Red Force. (According to Malachi, chapter 4, the wicked will be burned up and the righteous will walk on the ashes of the wicked. Apparently the Hopi prophecy says that the Red Force will cut off the heads of the wicked, and maybe that is because those who walk the Red Road will be deemed righteous and the others wicked, and the wicked will perish. In which case, the Red Force will cut off the heads of the wicked, i.e. destroy them.)

The new religion Pahana is to bring will join all faiths into one religion and establish a spirit of universal brotherhood. Walking the Red Road will do this. It will join all major religions in spiritual brotherhood. Walking the Red Road is equivalent to walking the high level spiritual path of our beloved Patriarch, Abraham, through whom all families of the earth will be blessed.

The Hopi have been sharing their spiritual truths with the rest of us. Their truths are in harmony with the spiritual aspect of the Torah. They are in harmony with the spiritual truths taught by Jesus.

We can choose to walk any path we want, and even try to justify the path we have chosen, however, in the end the truly righteous will still be separated from the wicked no matter what we think or believe. We may convince ourselves and our peers that our walk is righteous, but is God convinced? We must each search our own heart to see if there is any resident evil intent there, and remove it if we want to please our heavenly Father.

Only unconditional love in our hearts will create a oneness with our heavenly Father, who is unconditional love. And according to the Law of Attraction like attracts like, therefore, unconditional love, i.e. God, will attract all those who carry unconditional love in their hearts.

That is how we find our way to God. That is how we become part of our heavenly Father's Kingdom and spend eternity with Him. It is automatic and logical. It is the universal Law of Attraction.

Spiritual teachings of unconditional love leading to eternal life in the presence of our heavenly Father, and teachings about the return of Pahana of Hopi prophecy are taught in the books Red Hat Speaks, and Red Hat's Wisdom by Dorothy K. Daigle. These books can be ordered from any bookstore.

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