Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Emergency Food And Water - Do You Have A Supply?

There are emergencies in life but emergency food and water are items you can't live without. These are components that every home in every country should have as a measure of emergency preparedness. There can be crisis situations that leave you without access to food and water supplies. During these times it doesn't matter if you have money are not because the supplies are unavailable.

In most cases there will be rescue teams working around the clock, but before they get to you, you must have a plan on how you and your family members will survive through the period before you are rescued after a disaster such as an earthquake, floods or a hurricane. Being prepared means that you have food and water storage that can last you and your family including pets for a period beyond 72 hours. The supplies should be portable because you might need to walk for quite a long time to safe grounds. The supplies will ensure that after surviving the calamity, you don't die of thirst and hunger.

When you are preparing your emergency food and water supplies, you should keep in mind all the individual needs of family members. This means that you should take into consideration any special diet that is used by any family members, especially infants and senior citizens. You also need to have a water storage plan that will not only carry enough water but one that will ensure that the water stays clean and uncontaminated.

It is also important that you choose the food you want to store carefully. This goes beyond what your family usually eats because you need food that will last for long periods of time without spoiling. This means having some canned or packaged goods on hand

To get the job done, you need to invest in emergency food and water kits that will be easy to carry and still have all that the family will need. If you choose you can use canned food which is ready to eat or ration bars. These will have a longer shelf life and are light in weight and thus will not be a problem to carry in case you are needed to evacuate your home.

In the emergency food and water kit, the most important component is water. It is however not possible to carry a sufficient amount of water to last you for a long period. To be on the safe side, you should have a portable water filtration system that you can use to purify water and make it fit for human consumption.

There are also other important tools that should be included in the emergency food and water supply kit. You should make sure that you have utensils such as spoons and knives, portable cooking units and supplies, and hand held can openers. In most cases after disasters, there will be no power or gas supplies and thus you need to have a plan to include equipment that will enable you to boil water or warm food for your family's health sake.


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