Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Devil's Tramping Ground in North Carolina

Deep in the forest of an otherwise inconspicuous and rural area of North Carolina, is a place that even the bravest of the Tarheels will not venture. Just on the outskirts of the town of Bennett, is the place that Lucifer himself comes to do his thinking. At least that is what some locals say about the popular and strange patch of land known as The Devil's Tramping Ground.

It is said that the devil paces in circles, thinking of new and diabolical ways to create more suffering for humanity. This local tale may sound crazy, but the circle that sets back in the forest outside Bennett, NC is very much a reality and for as long as even the oldest residents can remember..Has been a mystery. The more you learn about the famous Devil's Tramping Ground, the more it seems to live up to the sinister name bestowed upon it.

The circle itself is approximately 40 feet around, located in the forest near Bennett and has been there for ages. It is said that no animals will go into the circle and that birds will not fly over the circle. It is also widely known that no plant life will grow within the mysterious circle. This has baffled the minds of scientists and locals alike. A United States Geological Survey was done on the circle but was unable to come up with any explanation for this phenomena.

Stories of the Devils Tramping Ground are told often in North Carolina and speak of strange things happening to people who dare venture near the circle at night. It is also widely believed that anything that is left within the circle will vanish by morning. One thing is for sure, The Devil's Tramping Ground is a place that has been and possibly always will be one of the most mysterious and creepy places in North Carolina. If you are ever willing to ignore no trespassing signs and take a journey into one of the strangest forests on earth, where it is said you could meet the devil himself, you just might solve this mystery.

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