Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Emergency Evacuation Planning

As the world is supposed to end in 2012, what good would an emergency plan do? Unless of course you scraped through and ended up the only person left on earth. That would call for an emergency. However, we know it probably isn't going to end, and so we should be prepared in case there is an emergency.

An emergency evacuation plan is always a good idea, along with enough supplies stored away to support that plan if you are an individual with a family to take care of. If you are away from home and in a large building occupied by many people there is usually an emergency route out, posted on the back of the door. It is always advisable to have one of these in your home. If you live in a large house and it has more than two exits, it is advisable to divide the family into two groups, one parent with each set that can lead their party through the designated door. This way, the family will escape any dangers within the house quickly and follow their emergency evacuation plan with an arranged meeting place outside.

If the evacuation is in major form, such as a complete town then you should be prepared for much frenzy and panic. If you have a plan in place, your family, or whomever you are responsible for safely at your side then your escape from the drama should take you safely away. In this case, a major emergency could create traffic jams and delays. If you own a motor home, it should be packed and stored with enough supplies to last each member of your family several days. Blankets, change of clothes, non-perishable food, lots of water and medical supplies. Money enough for gas if you are taking a vehicle.

There are several reasons for an emergency evacuation plan. Especially if you live in places that suffer habitually from tornadoes, hurricanes or any inclement weather conditions. For these places it should be mandatory to have an emergency escape. Your plan should include basic needs, how and where to move to if you decide to leave. Many won't leave their homes already having previously lived through weather hazards, they simply prepare themselves for the possible doom.

There is a standard format for emergency evacuation for many different circumstances, but most will follow their own. However, it is always better to follow at least the basic instructions as these emergency evacuation people are experienced and have dealt with this situation before. If your emergency evacuation plan is in place and you follow it, combined with the rules of the turbulent road, you should make it out fine.

For the big purge, it would do you well to go to the local city hall or chamber of commerce where they should have explicit instructions and directions for every type of emergency evacuation circumstance. Each city by law should have an emergency evacuation plan. Regardless of where you live, there are still the chances with this ever changing planet, that you could become a victim and evacuation a reality.

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