Monday, March 21, 2011

Are You Godly Or Just Religious?

To become a religious person, all you have to do is to join some church. To become a godly person, you must realize that thy body is thy temple. To become a religious person you can choose among many religions and denominations, to become a godly person you can only chose God.

Do you believe in God, or do you just say that you believe in God just because almost everyone else says it and you don't want to be the odd one out. I use to not believe in God, and I can tell you for a fact that there are many who will tell you that they do, but they do not. Anyone can say anything, but you and I know that words are cheap. God is not concerned about mere words, if you believe in God, as I do now, then you must know that action speak louder than words.

If you truly believe in God, you must show it through your every day actions, not by totting around a bible and singing praise the Lord. If you really believe in God and consider yourself godly, than you cannot allow yourself to sit among evil. You cannot just turn your back when you see bad things happening to others and say it does not concern you. You can not walk away from bad situations, be only concerned about your own safety, when you know God is telling you to keep walking straight ahead through the valley of death and to fear no evil, and help those who need it.

I was an atheist or at least I considered myself an atheist because I knew that what I was being taught in the church did not make any sense. Ask yourself, why you consider yourself religious, notice I did not say godly. Why are you religious, many of you are religious or belong to a certain religion simply because your parents are?

Right, it not like you chose your religion, it is not like you went to a religious buffet, tried them all out and then pick the one that suited you best. Chances are the only religion that you know about is probably the one that you belong to. The one that you have been taught from the time you were a little child that it was the right one for you, period. Don't even ask about the other ones or even think about them, or your parents would throw you out of the house.

When you belong to a church where priest rape little children and you are told that it is all right, you can be religious. When people tell you that it is all right to commit sin cause Jesus paid for your sins in advance, you can be religious. When you think mere words such as forgive me Lord, is more powerful than the evil actions that you commit, you can be religious. When you bring your children up telling them not to sin, but if you do don't worry cause, Jesus got your back, he died for your sins, you can be religious. When you are told that you can steal, kill, commit adultery, and break all of God's commandments in the name of Jesus, or hail Mary for your sins, you can be religious, but I say unto you, you can't be godly.

Jesus never preached religion or created any religion, just only spoke what God told him, so he did not consider himself a religious man but a godly man who knew right from wrong. When Jesus spoke about Heaven with the rich man, Jesus said that you must obey my father's Ten Commandments and give to the needy. Jesus did not say you can disobey the Ten Commandments and ask forgiveness and give to the church.

People are always trying to connect tithes to the church. Read your bible, no one ever said that your tithes should go to any church. When the bible speak of tithes, it speaks of the market place, where the have and the have-not gather and those who have, like Jesus said, give unto the needy. I have seen so many of you walk past homeless people in the streets and you will not drop them a mere dime, but you will put fifty dollars on a rich preacher's silver plate. Giving your money to a rich church is religious; giving your money, like Jesus said, to the needy, now that is godly.

Maybe some of you still do not know the difference between religious and godly. I am not religious. I don't go to church to count beads or ask for forgiveness. I don't pray to any statue, crucifix, temple wall, or any graven images, cause I am not religious. I do not put any man-made object, man-made religion, or anyone before the Lord, so I am not religious.

I know that God created us all and he never created any religion that would separate us or allow us to think that we are better than someone else, so I am not religious. For I know that if I cannot love my brother who I can see (no matter who he may he be Jew, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Gay, Black or whatever) then how can I love him, who I cannot see. I am not religious, don't call me some man-made religion, call me what I am, call me godly.

For you see, I will always choose God over any man's religion. I will not let any man's religion tell me who I can be with, who I should not accept and associate with, when I know that we are all God's people. To be godly, I cannot allow man to separate me from others just because the colors of our skin are different, our views are different, our are different, or our preferences are different. If you consider yourself religious you can separate, you can do anything you please, but if you truly know God and are godly, you know that we are all made in his image; we are all alike so there is no need for separation. What we need is not religion, what we need is God!

Gregory St. James is the author of the book that explains that Jesus is a Savior not an Excuse for you to use when you commit sin. The book explains that God want us to obey his commandments and not use forgiveness as a scapegoat for when we do evil. The book is called Jesus Is No Excuse. The Words and Verses of Gregory St. James

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