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Alcatraz Haunting - Exposing the Ghosts of a Haunted Prison

Alcatraz is the home of something unexplainable; perhaps only the word "ghost" could describe the strange happening in and around Alcatraz. From times immemorial, the Native Americans used to avoid the place because they believed that it was haunted by evil spirits. The island is the home of weird happenings and sightings, and a large number of ghost stories revolve around it. The island's mysterious reputation, however, did not stop the US government from using the place to confine prisoners.

The US military first began using the place. Dangerous civil war prisoners were confined on this eerie island. Later, the Prison Department took control of this place. The worst and the most dangerous criminals of America were taken to this island and confined there.

The Terrifying Story Of Cell 14-D

Cell 14-D is the most dangerous place in Alcatraz. A prisoner who was once put inside this cell began screaming about a pair of evil, glowing eyes. The guards thought that the prisoner was trying to trick them and chose to ignore him. Later, the screams stopped, and when the guards went to investigate, they found that the convict had been strangled to death by an unknown force.

Later, the mysterious pair of glowing eyes were spotted in several different areas of the prison.

Most Haunted Spots Of Alcatraz

The most haunted parts of Alcatraz are its hospital, cell block C, warden's house, utility door, and cell block D. These parts featured in a famous getaway attempt staged by three convicts-Cretzer, Coy, and Hubbard.

The Mysterious Cell Block D

Cell block D, also called "solitary," is supposed to be the most haunted area in Alcatraz. It features an eerie, cold atmosphere. Cell 14-D, in particular, is around 20 degrees less than the rest of the prison.

Alcatraz is the famous site of sobbing women, mysterious apparitions, and myriad other unexplainable events and happenings. The guards who work at Alcatraz and their families have spotted several ghostly figures of unknown prisoners.

Secret Of Alcatraz

Over the years, a large number of psychics have visited Alcatraz with the hope of cracking its mystery. All of them agree that there is an intense surge of energy and a general air of discontentment and unhappiness at this prison.

Psychics have spotted tortured souls and spoken to them. Not all spirits are friendly, though. Some of them have tried to touch, harm, and even murder the psychics who approached them with the hope of finding out something about them.

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