Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dark Fairy - What is it and How Do I Know If One is Haunting Me?

A dark fairy is the evil part of the fairy family. They are considered to be changelings and steal people's souls. They despise those that interfere with their dealings. They have this terrible wail that can be heard at the window when someone is going to die.

These fairies originated in Ireland where the world is the darkest. There the forests are so dark, not even the light of the moon is allowed to penetrate. It is when the night is the darkest where you will hear the dark fairy's wail.

These fairies go by the name of Banshee. More than one dark fairy are called Banshees. They haunt families and go about the country side combing their enchanted silver hair. Families often hear a Banshee wailing when one of their kin has passed on.

Evil Fairies can be found in fairy forts. These are old circular homes that once belonged to Irish folk before the onset of the Christian era. The countryside is full of them. You can easily recognize them from the circular stones lying among the grass. No man should enter the circle. Those that entered are cursed. Children who play in these circles are also cursed.

Bad fairies are not kind to those that get in their way. If you try to cross a dark fairy, be ready to be cursed and tormented. These fairies never forget a wrong doing and will continue to haunt a family well after the person who committed the offense is dead. Fairies believe the taint of one person is a taint upon the entire family. Beware making this fatal mistake.

Fairies of this sort, do not like to play with children. Whereas good fairies will befriend a child, bad fairies are just the opposite. These dark magical creatures enjoy their solitude. They do not like humans, good fairies or anything else to do with positive and a healthy mindset.

In a time long ago before humans, the Fairy culture was split. There were those that love peace, nature and positive energy. On the other side there were fairies that enjoyed the chaos, tricks, bad intentions and war. These two fairy cultures could not live together and soon split never to speak or engage each other ever again.

These dark creatures choose the night to thrive and also searched for power through evil spells and trickery. Through this evil, they grew old and tired. Wrinkles grew on their faces. Their bodies started to thin. Their wings once long and beautiful started to shrink and become almost bone like. As the evil sweep through them, their spirit was whisked away. Once a beautiful fairy, they were now just a shell of their former selves.

There was no spirit left in them, so they searched for humans to torment. They fed on the spiritual nourishment, often leaving a human nervous and scared. Bad luck starts to show itself and the family's health begins to decline. If the family does not act soon, the enchantment could be fatal. Families often called upon those of the village that know about this magic and can help them turn away a fairy's taint.

This Halloween beware the dark fairy. You know not their real intentions.

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