Monday, October 10, 2011

Developing Your Psychic Side - How You Can Predict Your Future

In this ever modern world, it surprises me just how increasingly popular old fashioned fortune telling methods are. Every day we are faced with uncertainty in our finance, jobs, relationships and health. Divination and oracle work helps to provide us with some assurance that we can ride whatever storm is thrown at us and in the near future we will find ourselves in a better situation.

In times gone by, a patron would pass coins to the local gypsy fortune teller who would read their fortune from tart cards or crystal balls. Although this is still a popular past time at fairs and exhibits, more and more people seem to have awaken to their own spirituality and taken control of their own fortune-telling. People are asking if they are indeed themselves psychic and if they have any gift for divining their own future which they can improve on.

Once a person recognizes they have a psychic ability or awakens their own spirituality (on a basic level, this usually means recognizing the gut instinct we all feel from time to time and learning to listen and trust it) the next step is to develop that ability. This is usually done by meditating.

Meditation helps to calm and still the mind and raise our vibration energies higher so that we can connect to spirit guides. The relationship formed with spirit guides will help to develop our psychic abilities and improve our fortune telling skills. A person's own psychic ability (usually performed via clairvoyance) may be enough to give psychic readings. However, certain divination tools may also be helpful to assist such as tarot cards or oracle cards.

In the past several years, publishers have made tarot more accessible to the general public. Items such as angel and fairy cards make it possible for anyone to give a reading. These cards are usually bright and positive and do not diverse into occult or pagan traditional tarot imagery that can sometimes scare person. Traditional cards such as "The Devil" and "Death" are removed as these can also be perceived as being negative or scary cards.

Although tarot cards may be daunting for the beginner, this perception usually disappears with the choice of a suitable deck, a good guidance book and a little practice. Tarot probably provides the reader with a greater variety of life issues (which realistically should be both positive and negative) and the card are interpreted by their imagery and their position in a reading spread.

Tarot cards are not he only divination tool for predicting the future. There are a number of other tools such as pendulums, crystal balls, runes and controversially, Ouija boards that, with some practice and sensible use can be used to communicate with the spirit realm and give us answers to our life questions.

There are a lot of new age shops closing and more and more people are sourcing divination supplies from online stores.

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