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Ghost Types - 6 Exciting Varieties of Ghosts

We have found the solutions to several of life's mysteries, except that of death. The only evidence of life after death is ghosts. However, there is nothing to prove that ghosts are real and not the products of human imagination.

In spite of the fact that ghostly appearances have been spotted and recorded for centuries, the existence of ghosts hasn't been proven once and for all either by science or by any other branch of study. Although theories are in abundance, the concrete evidence required to prove these theories is lacking. Some people firmly dismiss the idea of ghosts as fantastic, unreal, and unbelievable. Some people, however, not only believe in ghosts, but also have classified them into a number of categories.

Here are some of the most popular types of ghosts.

1. Traditional

Traditional ghosts are those apparitions that interact with the living for a variety of reasons. They hide things, terrify unsuspecting people, hurl objects, or beg for assistance. They are souls of people who cannot move on owing to some unfinished work. They might be souls of people who died suddenly in unfortunate circumstances. They seek the help of human beings to solve their problems, so that they can leave the earth for higher realms. These spirits are intelligent beings, who are not only aware of their surroundings, but also of the fact that they are dead.

2. Crisis G hosts

These spirits put in a sudden appearance to warn you of some impending danger. While some of them are solid in appearance, others are transparent.

3. Anniversary Ghosts

These spooks appear on the day they died or met with some other unfortunate accident. You can spot them in ancient, haunted houses and castles. Most of them feature in some legend woven around a tragedy that took place hundreds of years ago.

4. Messengers

Banshees come under this category. They suddenly appear to inform the family about the death of someone else in the family.

5. Poltergeists

These are mischievous ghosts who create odd sounds and play all sorts of pranks on unsuspecting members of the family. Usually, they make use of troubled teenagers to play their pranks.

6. Speculations

Speculations are the souls of people who have passed away from earthly life. They resemble orbs, appear on several occasions, and are separate life forms that are very difficult to see owing to the fine energy tissues they are made of. There is a large body of writings on ghosts, yet there is nothing that can prove that ghosts are real. Scientists, skeptics, and rationalists still claim that ghosts are the products of human imagination blended with the emotion of fear.

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