Monday, October 3, 2011

Why Is The Celtic Cross Spread So Popular In Tarot

The Celtic Cross spread is truly the most popular tarot spread ever. No matter where you start with your tarot journey of discovery, you will (sooner than later) come across this spread and will want to learn it as soon as possible. But why is it so popular? After all, it's not the easiest spread to learn as a tarot beginner.

The Celtic Cross is maybe one of the most discussed tarot spreads, one that has gone through numerous alternative versions. If you ask 10 people about the cards layout in this spread, two will probably be identical and the rest will give you their own versions and interpretations of how this spread should be in terms of which card goes in which position and in which order.

Many people swear that they hate this spread, yet you will find them secretly laying the cards just to see what their situation is overall.

Other people use it exclusively, saying that it gives them everything they need to know in a reading.

Yet others use it as a "warming up spread" before they seriously get down to business, when reading for the first time to a new querent (person for whom the reading is done). In this case the reading is done as an overall view of the situation and then other more specific spreads are used for drilling deep into the questions.

Overall the best type of questions are the specific ones. It seems that the readings are most accurate with them (I found it to be true as well).

One of the tricks to learn to read this spread without getting confused is to learn one meaning and then to stick to it. If you read up on all the different meanings and card orders, you will have troubles interpreting the cards the right way because your mind will pull you in several directions.

The other problem with this spread is that the various situations in some positions might seem like 'fate' (certainly many people consider it so), and this scares some people to no end. For example the "possible outcome" can be easily changed based on many things. It's not written in stone and it doesn't necessarily come to happen. It depends on many, many factors.

I remember reading for somebody and the Death card came into this position. When she saw this card and learned what the position means (without letting me explain her anything else), she was sure that she would die soon - or somebody she knows would find their death in the near future. Whereas this could not be further from the truth!

There is indeed a lot of confusion and difficulty when it comes to this spread and learning it the right way without bringing any biases into it can only help master the art of reading a Celtic Cross spread.

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