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The Facts About the Pombero, A Creature of Cryptozoology

The Pombero remains to be one of the most famous and infamous monsters throughout the world. This creature stems from the Gurani mythology which describes it as mythical humanoid monster that is relatively small in size. Its relevance in the cultures of South American countries such as Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina has grown through the year as is its legendary status across the globe.

Kurahy Jara is the original Gurani name of the Pombero which literally translates to "owner of the sun." Oddly enough, the Pombero is actually known as a creature of the night. In a number of regions in Argentina, this creature also goes by the name "Dueno del Sol," which is a Spanish translation of its name. There have been hundreds, if not thousands of sightings of the Pombero through the years, primarily in different native communities in Argentina.

While different villages may have slightly varying descriptions of the Pombero, they all agree that the creature is small, ugly, and has hairy feet and hands. Most sightings also claim that the Pombero even wears a hat and carries a backpack over his small shoulders. Majority of reports say that this creature is known to reside in rural areas, such as the forest, but has also been known to inhibit houses that have long been abandoned.

What may be a relief for most is that the Pombero is generally known to be a harmless creature. While he may be a bit of a troublemaker, his primary targets remain to be rural farmers. Even so, the mischief he performs is somewhat light and childish as compared to other mythical monsters. This may include scattering rice and corn, startling horses, stealing honey, chickens, and eggs, as well as setting cattle loose. However, there are some communities that have more serious accusations towards this creature such as raping and impregnating single women in their sleep.

As mentioned earlier, there have been tons of sightings of the Pombero over the years. However, very few, if any, documented photographs or videos exist simply because this creature is very elusive. Aside from the fact that it is quite small, it is said that its hairy feet allows it to move stealthily through the jungle unheard and undetected. If this doesn't do the trick then the Pombero can use its supernatural abilities and turn itself invisible or even squeeze through the narrowest of spaces.

While this creature still has its fair share of skeptics, it is quite illogical to deny its existence. The mere fact that there have been a myriad of sightings in different geographical locations, all pointing to the same creature should be enough to turn any critic.

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