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Mounts in Palmistry

The mounts in palmistry are quite influential to determine the character indications and success in life of an individual. The important lines of palmistry are formed due to the presence of the mounts. The mounts are named according to the planets of the solar system. The most district and developed mount of an individual would indicate the qualities and the shortcomings that are associated with the planet that the mount represents. The following are certain indications on the personality and the speculations of the destiny of an individual in accordance with the attributes related to each of the planets.

The Mount of Jupiter

The mount of Jupiter is situated just above the mount of Mars and at the base of the index finger.
o A well formed mount of Jupiter shows the person to be having Godly powers and qualities like leadership, authoritativeness and organization.
o The person heads towards progress and enjoys a complete life.
o The individuals tend to ear a lot of self-respect, learned and are helpful as well.
o They have the ability to stay calm and focused at the time of disturbance and also religious minded.
o They also have the capacity to turn the favor of the public to his or her side though eloquent speeches.
o The less prominence or absence of the mount would indicate the person to be devoid of all the above mentioned qualities, self willed and selfish.

The Mount of Saturn

The mount of Saturn is found at the base of the finger of Saturn.
o The prominence of the mount indicates the person to be having some extraordinary and special qualities.
o The person would excel in life with his or her own efforts.
o Tends to remain aloof from others and is keen to move towards the objective of life.
o If the mount is over developed it might indicate that the individual has the tendency to commit suicide.

The Mount of Apollo

The mount is located at the base of the ring finger.
o Sober and introvert nature.
o Individuals with not so well developed mount would indicate that they are interested in beauty.
o Over development of the mount indicates the person indulges in flattery and pride.

Individuals with well formed mount of Mercury have spontaneity and well developed communicative skills. A prominent mount of Mars shows martial qualities like courage, bravery strength and aggressiveness. The mount of Venus stands for love and beauty while the mount of Luna indicates awareness, perception and creativity.

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