Monday, October 24, 2011

What is a Water Witch Or a Divining Rod?

A divining rod is a Y shaped stick that is used to indicate the presence of water in an area. This is also called water divining or water witch stick. The person, who uses the stick, holds the stick firmly and starts walking slowly. If the stick twitches or jerks, then there could be an indication that water is present there. That is why it is very important to hold the divining stick very firmly.

There is another way to perform water divining also. Some people use the pendulum because it is much easier. They will hold the pendulum in one place rather than walk across the field. The pendulum starts swinging to the direction of water and the swinging will be more vigorous as you approach the place where there is water.

Water divining is used to locate a source of fresh ground water. People who build houses or building need a source of fresh water. It is impossible to find the exact location of digging for water. If you have to use a trial and error method, then it could get very expensive and also time consuming.

There is no exact science that explains how these divining rods work and base don what methodology. Some proponents of the science believe that the rod has its own divine power and can identify water under the ground. Some people believe that the knowledge of the presence of water may be present at subconscious levels in the person and they are invoking it.

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