Friday, October 14, 2011

Psychic Development: Visualization

The human power of visualization is a valuable method when one is after psychic development. Did you know you can combine this process with valid personal growth methods that many psychics use on a regular basis? If you want to know more, read on!

Visualization is the process of using the mind to create pictures with our thoughts. It is often used naturally and unconsciously. For example we get up in the morning and travel to work. Somewhere in our heads we have a picture of our destination, in this case our workplace, and we take action to get there.

The visual process can be used to create the day. A to do list, the daily action plan of getting things done, is a compilation of visual pictures held in the mind that we desire to act upon. Now let us have a look at how psychics use this process to assist psychic development:

1. Clairvoyants use brainwave entrainment during meditation. A metronome CD assists a deeper state of calm and concentration. In this deep meditation state the process of visualization is a powerful one. There is less distraction when one is in a deep meditation and it is easier to create mind pictures in this state of consciousness.

2. Surround the outside environment, either the home study or workplace, with pictures and images that are upbeat and positive. A psychic often makes use of a statue of an angel, say angel Michael or Gabriel, and have it on the desk near the computer. Every so often when one glances at the statue of the angel one is reminded of the divinity in all things. This is recognition of the fact that images in the outside world influence the images we carry within.

3. The next simple exercise can be practiced in a quiet location with a friend. Here we apply the visual process to questions your friend asks of you. For example the friend begins to ask: What is my soul purpose? What messages does spirit have for me? Your psychic task is to note what pictures come up in your mind after the question is asked.

Usually the first picture and feeling is the right one. Once this is practiced for awhile you become more accurate and give better answers with more description. This is exactly what professional psychics do with online callers!

4. In the field of personal growth one meets the fast track when a group is joined that has this as its sole purpose. Study circles bring others of like mind together and it is the sharing of ideas that allows greater understanding. Simply by talking about the topic with others who share similar ideas encourages greater growth.

Visualization is a key skill on the path to psychic development. If consciously applied to psychic skills they begin to expand.

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