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Psychic Gemstones and Their Effective Uses

Gemstones have amazing natural properties in them which can have various powerful effects when used. There are many different kinds of gemstones being sold out there. You must have seen stones being sold for luck, for love, for protection, or for wealth, among other things.

Given the extraordinary powers of these gemstones, they can be used for various psychic intentions. Gemstones can be utilized for psychic protection, for stimulating psychic visions, and for heightening your psychic ability. Now, you will learn which specific gemstones can help you achieve these things. Below are just some examples; you can always discover and learn about new kinds of stones as you explore.

Gemstones for Psychic Protection

These gemstones can act as a shield around you from anything that can harm you on a psychic level. This can be an attack psychically directed at you, or a form of negative energy that can exhaust you.

  • Blue Chalcedony - protects you from antagonism, ill will, and other adverse forces that may be focused on you, whether purposely or not.
  • Fluorite - provides protection of your mind, so that your mind stays clear and does not get clouded nor fooled by those with malicious intentions.
  • Snowflake Obsidian - gives protection from dark energies which may spring from within you or come from those around you. It also protects you against the malicious intentions of various entities.
  • Hematite - provides protection from stress caused by unpleasant emotions, thoughts, and energies. It aids in dissolving these negative energies and transforming them to calmer or more positive ones.
  • Carnelian - gives psychic protection from the injurious aims of others.

Gemstones Which Stimulate Psychic Visions

These gemstones can help you when performing psychic exercises for gaining knowledge and information. Their energies help open your mind so that you become more receptive to psychic visions.

  • Smoky Quartz - brings about ominous dreams and visions.
  • Iolite - helps induce visions during paranormal practices.
  • Blue Sapphire - aids in clearing the mind, making it more sensitive to visions.
  • Labradorite - sharpens your senses, making you more psychically sensitive to visions.
  • Amethyst - soothes and relaxes your mind and body as it allows you to go into a deeper meditative state, where you can more easily gain psychic visions.

Gemstones That Complement Your Psychic Ability

These gemstones have energies which contribute to the growth of your psychic development. They work well with your own energies, especially when you are directing your energies to the advancement of your abilities. These gemstones complement your efforts.

  • Quartz - makes it easier for you to connect with spiritual and higher beings.
  • Aquamarine - heightens your natural psychic powers.
  • Lapis Lazuli - helps develop your psychic ability to connect with your higher self.
  • Chrysocolla - bolsters your psychic ability and empowers it to advance further.
  • Blue Tourmaline - empties your mind, allowing you more opportunities and energy for enhancing your psychic ability.

These stones may be used during a particular exercise or practice; you can also put them on as jewelry. You can also put them in a specific place in your home or work space. Their energies are wonderful!

It is a great idea to read and learn more about gemstones - about picking the right one for you, cleaning and keeping them, and using them for many other purposes. There are also several kinds of stones to choose from - lots for you to discover and learn about. The more you know, the more opportunities you have for experiencing these natural gifts. So get to know more about them and take your pick - the benefits they can offer you are free-flowing and endless!

Tana Hoy is a natural born psychic who has devoted his life to helping people with his gift. He also conducts psychic development classes, including a course on the unlimited benefits of gemstones and crystals. Check out his website to know more!

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