Friday, October 7, 2011

Wicca Witchcraft Love Spells

Witchcraft and Wicca are two things people confuse. This mix up is very common. I will describe what exactly both terms are and what they mean exactly when they pertain to "Love Spells" or "Spell Casting" Witchcraft is an art that can be good or evil. It is merely a tool that most people use for whatever reason they decide. Wicca is a faith that people follow and in turn can practice witchcraft within the Wicca system.

If the Wicca witchcraft is good or evil is again, completely up to the person who follows the faith. The actual Love Spell is again, a matter of what the Spell Caster's intention is. It may be a Wicca Love Spell to cause harm and return a lover. It may be a dark form of witchcraft that is intended to cause harm and destruction.

The sad fact is most people mix these items up and label any person who follows witchcraft, the Wicca faith or even casts basic Love Spells an evil doer or a follower of the devil. Nothing could be further from the truth in reality. Some Wicca faith followers DO believe and follow evil but they have twisted the Wicca faith to Evil and wrong. Overall, Wiicans are good and only do good for themselves and their faith. Witchcraft is really a 50 50 split. Some people who practice witchcraft are good and others bad. Its an overall split on average.

Wicca and followers of the Wiccan faith are overall a peaceful and loving people. Most Love Spell Castings are very positive in nature and only have the best results in the end. Be very careful when labeling a person based on what the common myths say. History is full of examples where this has proven to be very wrong and usually teaches a valuable lesson as well. The best course of action to take before making a judgment about the Wicca Witchcraft faith is to do your homework as you are doing now. This gives you a broader picture of the topic and many points of view. Wicca Witchcraft and Real Love Spells can be nothing but of the best nature.

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