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Crystal Balls - How to Scry a Crystal Ball

Scrying with a crystal ball is sacred work. It is not movie magic. When beginning this work, a crystal ball should be chosen with this in mind. The crystal ball is a sacred tool and it should be treated as one.

Set your intention for the ball before choosing yours. Whether you walk into a store or order online, when you set the intention of use for a tool, you will select the most appropriate one. You might set the intention that one be for general scrying or for scrying past lives. The designations can be as varied as your imagination. However, crystal balls are an investment, spiritually and for your pocket book. It takes such a large crystal to carve into a ball, that the prices become dear. Choose carefully.

This tool should be kept in a special place when not in use. A soft bag, or a padded box is perfect. If you need to transport it, do so carefully, not only so that it is protected spiritually, but so that its physical being is protected. There is nothing more heart breaking than seeing your crystal ball in a thousand pieces on the sidewalk.

Crystals have spirits as they are alive. After working with it you will begin to feel its personality. It may even tell your its name as you work with it. If not, it's perfectly fine to name it. Once you and the crystal have decided upon a name, use it when working with the crystal.

Setting up a sacred space for crystal ball work is essential. Darken the room, light a candle and sit quietly with the crystal in front of you. You may have to adjust the candle several times to find the right location. The crystal should be back lit, yet the rest of the room dark.

If you want to add power to the candle, choose one that reflects an appropriate principle like: purple for for higher consciousness, white for angelic work, orange for working with attraction, or yellow for manifesting. Blue works well for communication with spirits. When using a candle for attraction or communication, be sure that you state aloud that you wish to only attract positive energies.

Next ground yourself to the Earth and protect yourself. Soft focus your eyes and allow yourself to enter an altered state through deep breathing.Open your eyes, and pick a spot on the ball you feel drawn to. Focus there. The crystal may begin to darken and smoke up. You may see images or clouds racing by. Don't try to make sense of it, just observe, keeping your eyes in soft focus. When you feel the energy sessions has completed, write down what you have seen, or if you have one dictate into a voice recorder. If you have a partner in this work, take turns dictating what you see.

Pull back from the ball and allow yourself to separate energies. Refocus your eyes and ground yourself once again.

Remember it takes practice so don't be upset if it doesn't work right away. A friend of mine kept seeing twenty of four in her ball and had no idea what it meant, until she partnered with a friend. Eventually the friend remembered having dreams of a hotel room numbered 204.

Expect your messages to come in symbols, signs, shapes etc. It is seldom direct. Take your time when learning to scry. Allow your energies and that of the crystal ball to begin to entrain. As you synchronize with your ball, things will become more clear and the messages will come in more quickly. Before you know it, you will be a top-notch scry.

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